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Q: What territory did the dutch settle in?
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Did the dutch settle in Canada?

the dutch did settle in canada.

Where did the Pennsylvania Dutch settle?


Where did the dutch settle in New York?

On Manhattan

Dutch settle New York?


Where did the Dutch explore and then settle?

New York

The first to settle in the area were the Dutch?

The area the Dutch first settled in was New Yorkc:

Where did the Dutch first settle at?

The dutch first settled in new york. Get it, got it, good.

What year did the dutch settle in new york?


Where did the Dutch first settle in the US?

On Manhatten I think.

What year did the Dutch settle in cape town?


What colonies did the dutch and English settle?

New York

What countries in Africa did the Dutch settle in?

The Dutch settled in what later became South Africa. There was no "country" as such when they arrived.