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Q: What territory does the snowy owl like?
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Where is the snowy owl territory?

In burrows

What is a snowy owls territory?

a snowy owl live in burrows.

What temperature does the snowy owl's like?


What does the snowy owl like?

the snowy owl likes to eat

Which owl is the rarest?

pch: snowy owl

Why is a snowy owl called a snowy owl?

snowy owls are called snowy owls because they are white which makes them look like snow and they live where snow is usually at.

What is the difference of a snowy owl and a normal owl?

the snowy owl is white and the normal owl is brown.

Is the snowy owl a animal?

Of course the snowy owl is an animal.

Color of the snowy owl?

Snowy owl. -facepalm- you said it was SNOWY! Snowy-snow Snow- white.

Why is a snowy owl called an snowy owl?

because the color of its feathers is a snowy white

When does a female snowy owl pair with a male snowy owl?

in the spring

Is the snowy owl endangered or threatened?

the snowy owl is an endangered species.

What countries do snowy owl live in?

The snowy owl lives in the tundra.

Why is snowy owl endangered?

Happily, the snowy owl is not an endangered species.

Is the snowy owl cold blooded or warm blooded?

is the snowy owl warm blodded or cold blodded? They snowy owl is warmblooded

What is the class of the snowy owl?

The Snowy owl is from the Strigidae family, from the class Bubo

How is the barn owl and the snowy owl the same?

No. The snowy owl is Nyctea Scandiaaca, and the barn owl is Tyto Alba.

How do you get a snowy owl?

by catching the owl

How far can a snowy owl see?

A snowy owl can see as far as 1mile long! They have good eye vision just like snakes

When was the snowy owl listed as endangered species?

The snowy owl is not an endangered species.

Is a snowy owl a herbivore?

No, a snowy owl is a carnivore because it eats rodents.

What biome does the snowy owl live in?

can a snowy owl live in another biome

What does the snowy owl do when winter comes?

When Winter comes, the snowy owl migrates

What are snowy owl babies called?

Snowy owl babies are called "owlets."

What is the size of the snowy owl?

The size of the snowy owl is about five pounds or up.