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benedicts test


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peptones, peptides, and amino acids on complete hydrolysis

Proteases or peptidases are the enzymes that catalyze the breakdown (hydrolysis) of proteins into shorter chains of peptides or into their constituent amino acids. Note the process of protein hydrolysis is called proteolysis.

amino acids are the end product of protein hydrolysis.

Amino acids are the end product on complete hydrolysis of proteins and peptides.

After hydrolysis sucrose did give a positive test. It reduces sugar that has hemiketal and hemiaetal in it.

The Biuret test allows one to test for proteins.

The process of dehydration, synthesis and hydrolysis are related to the organic compounds such as the carbohydrates, lipids and proteins because they are involved in their digestion, egestion and storage.

Hydrolysis decomposes carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. Hydrolosis is not anabolic, it is catabolic. A catabolic reaction is where the bond between monomers is broken by the enzyme and the addition of water.

No it will show incorrect proteins and other contents.

The principles involved in the isolation of casein are isoelectric precipitation, acid hydrolysis, alkaline hydrolysis, and neutralization. Casein are proteins found in mammalian milk.

Iodine, which is brown, gives a blue black colouration with starch. Thus, it is used in starch hydrolysis test to give an indication of the amount of starch present.

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Proteins are more resistant to acid hydrolysis than are nucleic acids. Because proteins contain long chains of the amino acids which are connected to each other. -OH and -NH2 group of amino acids are strongly stabilised by hydrogen bonding. Therefore they do not get hydrolysed as number of intermolecular and intramolecular hydrogen bonds are formed.

The Biuret test can indicate the presence of proteins.

Albumin and pepsin are both proteins, the test for proteins was positive.

The acidic hydrolysis of proteins may break down the peptide bond.

In biochemical polymers like starches and proteins, the process is called hydrolysis.

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