What the best Irish girls name?

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Q: What the best Irish girls name?
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Is Deirdre boy name or girl name?

its an irish girls name

What is any young Irish girls name?


What does the spelling of the girls name Clรกr mean in Irish?

It is an Irish version of Clare/Claire.

Is shannon a girls name?

It is a unisex name of Irish origin. It is a river in Ireland.

Is conn a boys or a girls name?

Conn is an Irish boy's name that means 'mighty'.

Are Irish people cool?

I dont know about Irish girls, but Irish guys are! They have the best accent in the world! and most of them are very attractive! soo yess, Irish people are cool ..well at least the guys

What is the Irish for 'Kaleb'?

If the name occurs in an Irish language Bible that would be your best course.

How is sieve the Irish name spelled?

sadbh i know because i look in the book of irish names for girls and it dosent have a h in the middle of it

What does fionnuala stand for?

Its an IRISH Girls name!! Like a mix between Fiona and Nuala!!

What is the best girls name you can have?


What are the origins of the girls' name ''Kaitlin''?

The origin of the girl's name Kaitlin is Irish and means pure. It is a phonetic form of Caitlin and the Irish form of Catherine which is Greek. It is a common first name but not a common last name.

Is saorsa a girls name in Gaelic?

"Saorsa" is a Scottish word for Freedom. It's gained popularity in the last decade or so as a name. It can be used for either a boy or girl but seems to be getting popular for girls. Saiorse (Irish spelling) Ronan is a young Irish actress that's bringing the name for girls to the top of the list.

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