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Q: What the cheat code for main armor main longsword for monster hunter freedom unite for psp?
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How do you get free armor on monster hunter freedom 2?

You don't

What is good armor in monster hunter freedom unite?

it all depends on the armor the hunter or huntress prefers and what wywrn you are fighting

What is the best armor in monster hunter freedom?

the best will be the fatalis armor black or white best defense. also you can combine the akantor & ratalos armor

What the best armour set in monster hunter freedom unite?

There is no best armor.A good armor for that mission is maybe bad for the other .

How do you kill rajang in monster hunter freedom unite?

Find and build a powerful ice weapon and get Yamatsukami armor and then hope for the best.

Can you trade or send armor weapons in Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and if yes how?

sorry but no you can send and receive items though hope this helped peace out

What is the best monster hunter 2 website?

Go to google and type in: monster hunter freedom 2 wikia click on the first link. It has everything you need: armor materials, weapon requirements, quest walkthroughs , item locations etc

In the Monster Hunter Freedom Unite demo what are the characters' armor sets?

you should have a male character first. the first one is your first armor in the game.... the 2nds is a bone great sword with a chain armor... last is a Rathalos Great Sword with Rathian whole Armor.

What do you need to unlock the monoblos armor in monster hunter?

First you need the kikumonji sword.

How do you unlock rathalos armours in monster hunter freedom 2?

you can get the armor in gathering hall hr1 u can get the waist and leggings but i dont know about getting helm and torso and arms

Where can get honey in monster hunter freedom?

You can find it by the quest : present for armor You can find one from the honey bee hive in the pokke farm, in area 5 in the jungle, and snowy mountains.

How do get good armour in monster hunter freedom unite?

go hunt a monster first. after the mission, go to the man who sells armors and look for the armor that he sells. choose the one with good skills, then hunt that monster again and again until all the requirements for that armor set is in your hands. then buy that armor. the skills will only be activated when they are above 10 points (check your status to see which ones are actived *green colored*). Note: kill more types of monster and bring their parts to home so you'll have more armors and weapons to choose from.

What are white monoblos weaknesses on monster hunter freedom unite?

if you wanna know what element a monster is weak, kill one with raw damage (no element weapon), after you finish the mission, go to the weapon/armor dealer and look for the armor it produces, check the elements it has, the one that is negative or has the least amount of resistance is also the monster's weakness. for the subspecies of monoblos and diablos, ice is their weakness. If you want to know the spot where you can deal the most damage it is the tail.

What is the best armor when your Hunter reaches level 40 in WoW?

Mail armor is the best for a level 40+ hunter

How can you get all the stuff from rathalos armor in monster hunter freedom unite?

hunt the rathalos of course. the red one not the azure rathalos. try to remember which items a monster drops so that you won't have a problem in the future. many internet sites would give you the materials but not where they come from so be sure to remember "who drops what"

How do you kill a lunstra in monster hunter?

first of all get kushala armor then a dragon element blade and atttack its horns or go to youtube and type in lunastra guide.

Can you play Monster Hunter Tri on local multiplayer with two characters from the same Wii console and still be able to carve and improve both characters armor?

Yes and No. You earn coins to get armor but you can't carve or anything.

What is the best armor in monster hunter freedom unite?

The Tigrex S series is amazing only when you defeat the Ukanlos (its still good before that too). As long as you put on a protection jewel without it the skill demonic protection will happen naturally (you take 20% more damage).

Does sakuretsu armor target a monster?


How do you get a white fatalis out of rage or armor mode in monster hunter freedom unite?

When it is in Armor Mode, Barrel Bombs, Clust S, Gunlance Shells and Wyvern's Fire are all worth using, as they do a set amount of damage. To get it out of rage mode, i really don't know just survive... I think it wears off, or go to a different area then come back.

How do you put on armor in monster hunter tri?

Simply enter your house (located by approaching the curtained hole in Moga Village and pressing A), and use the item box to manage equipment. If you do not have any armor, you can buy it from the Armory or have it made by the Wyvernian Artisan

Is tzhaar ket-om better then dragon longsword?

Tzhaar ket-om is better then dragon longsword well because dragon longsword gives a 80+ strenght bonus but tzhaar give 85+. Also, dragon longsword lowers some stats but tzhaar doesnt. Keep in mind that the dragon longsword is faster and has a special attack. The tzhaar-ket-om's slower speed gives it a disadvantage. If you were to have a test where people with identical stats were fighting with only one item each (dragon longsword and tzhaar-ket-om), without armor, the person with the dragon longsword would most likely win.

Can you become invincible in monster hunter?

You can't be invincible, but with the right armor and items you can get pretty close. You just need to try combinations. Being invincible would just be cheating though.

Can remote revenge be used against sakuretsu armor?

No. Remote Revenge switches the effect to an appropriate monster, and the only appropiate target for Sakuretsu Armor to destroy is an attacking monster.

Get armor in aqw?

Two ways;a monster drop, or an NPC that sells it.