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Q: What the countries that borders the yellow sea?
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What countries border the Yellow Sea?

China North Korea South Korea

What sea borders Kaesong?

The Yellow Sea

Name two countries that have borders on the south china sea?

Two countries that have borders on South China Sea is, Vietnam and Malaysia

What sea borders south korea?

The Sea of Japan, the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea

The red and Black Sea are what countries western and eastern borders?

The Red Sea and The Black Sea are not close and do not border the same countries. The Red Sea borders Egypt (Western), Sudan (Western), Eritrea (Western), and Somalia (South-Western). It also borders these Eastern countries; Saudi Arabia and Yemen.The Black Sea borders Romania (Western), Bulgaria (Western) and Turkey (South-Western). It also borders these Eastern countries; Georgia, and Russia.

Country on Arabian peninsula it borders the Arabian sea?

Countries on Arabian Peninsula that borders Arabian Sea are: Oman and Yemen.

What European countries have borders on both the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean sea?


What countries does the dead sea border?

The Dead Sea borders Israel and Jordan.

Which sea borders the countries of Estonia and Latvia and Finland?

That would be the Baltic Sea.

What are the countries that border the yellow sea?

The three countries that border the Yellow Sea are China, North Korea, South Korea

Which sea borders most of the shore of the ancient Qin Empire in what is now China?

Yellow Sea

Bodies of water that borders the east cast of china?

The yellow sea and the east china sea

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