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There is a difference of 2 mp

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Q: What the difference between a 2mp and a 8mp Cellphone camera?
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A 2MP camera needs what size of memory?


Is the blackberry curve 8320 better than the blackberry 8310?

the only difference is the 2MP camera in the 8320, below is the full compare

How do you increase the quality of 2mp camera?

by buying a new mobile with more quality of the camera

Does the lg xenon take videos?

Yes, The Xenon does support Video and Picture with its 2MP (Mega Pixel) Camera with Flash

Does the philips connect android 8gb mp4 player - black have a camera?

Technically they do not. Although they are working on a new GoGear Connect which has a 2mp camera and up to 32gb of memory expansion.

How many pictures will fit on my Camera's 2GB memory card?

It depends upon the MP of your camera. The more the MP the higher the quality of the photo, and so the no of pictures that can be stored reduces. For ex, for a 2MP camera, you can store 2379 photos on a 2GB card, whereas for a 8MP camera you can only store 635 photos.

How much does mini iPhone cost?

The Chinese manufactured mini iPhones cost between 70$ (VGA camera) and 90$ (2MP camera).

How mega pixels is iPhone 5?

iPhone 2g -2mp iPhone 3g -2mp iPhone 3gs -3mp iPhone 4 - 5mp iPhone 4s - 8mp iPhone 5 - 8mp iPhone 5s - 8mp iPhone 6/Plus - 8mp iPhone 6s/Plus - 12mp

Is nokia xl is good for pictures shooting-?

The Nokia XL is good for shooting pictures because of its front-facing camera, and a 2MP shooter.

What are the features of the Skyrocket cell phone?

The Skyrocket cell phone is a mobile smart phone released by Samsung. Its features boast a rear facing 8MP camera, a front facing 2MP camera, an Android web kit, visual voice mail and an integrated music player.

What mega-pixel is the iPhone?

2mp i believe

Whats the difference between the lg ku990 and the iphone?

The iPhone is more expensive and the ku990 is a bit outdated now since Apple have released the iphone 3G and ipone 3GS You can install loads of apps to the iphone to customise it and make it do loads of thing, the ju990 however does not support apps which makes the iphone a lot more interesting. The ku990 however does have a brilliant 5MP camera and it takes amazing quality photos. The iphone doesnt have a very good camera, 2MP tops i think. I have the ku990 right now but i think the iphone out does the LG in a lot of ways, except the camera of course :)