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What the europeans used as a digging tool in the 1900s?

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a shovel.

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What digging tool is used in a flower bed?

a fork

What garden tool used for digging begins with the letter 's'?

A garden tool that is used for digging and starts with the letter "s" is the garden shovel called a spade.

What were the first tool that Paleolithic people used?

Wooden digging stick

What word starting with the letter m is a digging tool?

Mutt is the name of a tool used to chop roots.

What is a synonym for hoe?

There is no synonym for hoe. A hoe is a tool used for digging and thinning the soil.

What does digger mean?

A person or animal that digs. Even, a tool that is used for the same purpose of digging.

What is the Aztec god tlaloc holding and why?

Tlaloc is holding a "digging stick." A digging stick was an early agricultural tool used for a variety of tasks -- digging up plant roots that provided food and to get at underground animals. Also, used as an early hoe.

What part of speech is pick?

Pick can be a noun and a verb. Noun: e.g. a tool used for digging/a tool used for unlocking a lock. Verb: e.g. to grasp and pull with the fingers.

What does spade mean?

A spade is a garden tool with a sharp edge on the end. It's used for digging and is similar to a shovel.A spade can also be a suit of cards. They are the black ones that look like the blade of a spade.

What does the name Spuds mean?

It's a nickname for potatoes, that derives from the short (spade) tool that was used for hand-digging potatoes out of the ground.

What is a mattock?

It is a tool employing a broad chisel blade that is mounted perpendicular to the handle used for digging. The largest version is used by firefighters on timber fires and is often called a pulaski.

What was used as transport in 1700s-1900s?

mainly horses and carriages.

What was the Iditarod trail used for in the 1900s?

In the early 1900s the Iditarod trail was used to bring serum to Nome.

What do you use a Mattock for?

It is a type of large pick that has one end of its blade shaped like an adze, used for loosening soil and cutting roots

What the meaning of spade?

A spade is a tool used for digging. It is also one of a suit of playing cards. During the Civil War era, it was a derogatory term for African Americans.

What was a pick used for in the goldrush?

A pick was used for digging.

When was the first ambulance used?


What words were used in the 1900s?


What were used for in the 1900s?

old things

What were horses used for in the US in the 1900s?

In the 1900s people used horses for farming, trasportation, (even if they had cars) food, leather, and riding.

What was the first tool invented?

The first tools invented was used by early transitional humans about 2.5 million years ago. The tools were multipurpose hammering, digging and chopping implements.

Europeans used slaves to?

Europeans used slaves to develop land as laborers.

What type of phones did they have in the 1900s?

All types currently used, the 1900s ended on dec 31, 1999

What used for digging starts with p?


What is a garden too used for digging?

A shovel