What the fifth dinosaur that lived on earth?


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Dinosaur dont lived Earth any more, they died.


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the stegosaurus lived on earth the longest.

Argentinosaurus is the largest dinosaur that ever lived on Earth

The last dinosaur that lived on Earth was about 150 million years ago.

Over 999,000,000,000 lived in the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretateos Period.

It is "argentinosaurus," it is also the bigest.

The largest carnivorous dinosaur that ever lived on earth was "Giganotosaurus." The largest is "liopleurodon." The largest carnivores ever lived on earth are- 1) Spinosaurus aegiptiacus 2) Gigantosaurus carolini 3) Tyrannosaurus rex The largest of all definitely is "liopleurodon"

Actually its not a dinosaur but an insect or the invertebrates but the first dinosaur were the Guang Long(The first evolution of the T-rex like Luci and Todays human)

egg and earth make dinosaur. also, if you use fire with dinosaur, you get dragonegg+earth+dinosauregg + earth

Not only does kids believe that humans lived int he same world as dinosaurs so does adults. There has been dinosaur bones found on earth and have been studied.

Coelophsis was a dinosaur that lived in the Late Triassic Period. The dinosaur is said to have lived in small herds with others.

Because they found fossils of a dinosaur that once lived in the area of modern Utah, and named that dinosaur "Utahraptor". In other words: the dinosaur lived, died, left fossils, the scientists found and studied the fossils, and named the dinosaur "Utahraptor".

The dicynodon was an ancient dinosaur which lived in Africa. It is estimated that this dinosaur lived 250?æmillion years ago and lived partially on land and in the water.

There are many organisms that once lived on Earth but have since gone extinct. Some examples include every species of dinosaur, dodo birds, and golden toads.

Lesothosaurus was a dinosaur that lived in what is now South Africa. It was a 3.3 foot long herbivorous dinosaur.

The first Dinosaur to walk the earth was Eorapter

the biggest dinosaur was ultrasaurus

There are many folkloristic legends about it, however,the dinosaur Amphicoelias fragillimus is said to be the biggest dinosaur ever lived on Earth.We may never know, but the strongest contender at present is the "Ultrasaurus" a kind of brachiosaur, but known only from a HUGE thighbone.

the largest dinosaur that ever lived is the seismosaurus hallorum

There were no dinosaurs that lived in the sea. Dinosaurs lived on land. But there were swimming reptiles.

There is not fifth planet on Earth, since Earth is a planet...

The plesiosaur or the mosasaurid.

No, but its closley related and lived with them.

It depends on the Dino...

The bee hummingbird (Mellisuga helenae) is "the smallest dinosaur that ever lived". Of course your question only applies to non-avian dinosaurs. For over a century the smallest known dinosaur was the 3 foot Compsognathus, otfen compared to chickens in size. The discoveries in China for the last 20 years have revealed many smaller dinosaurs. Currently the smallest known dinosaur is Epidexipteyx, at only 1 foot long. The smallest dinosaur that ever lived on earth was "westlothiana," it is almost the same size as a fully grown human's toe!

Gerrothorax is a giant amphibian, not a dinosaur. It lived in freshwater swamps.

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