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What colours belong on Argentinas flag


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The colors of the Argentina flag are blue and white. See the related link for an image.

blue and white

The Argentina flag represents the Sun of May. The colors represent the clear Argentinian skies and the snow on top of the Andes mountains. The flag was adopted in 1812 and the colors were chosen by Manuel Belgrano.

It is said that Belgrano (who designed the flag for the first time) was inspired in the robes of the Virgin Marry.

yes there is a pledge to the Argentina flag

the colors represent the clear skies and snow of the Andes Actually, the colors are from the sky - blue and clouds - white and sun on the flag is called the Sun of May (El sol de Mayo).

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The flag repersents the song argentina by madonna.

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You will have to specify which flag for an answer . 1. Blue (a light blue mostly, some would call it baby blue) 2. The gold/yellow of the sun 3. White in the centre of the flag

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