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Q: What the last song anya dance to in so you think you can dance?
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What song did kameron and lacey dance to on so you think you can dance on June 13?

Answer they did not dance to come away with me Danny and anya did

What song did Emily dance to on got to dance last night?

Clare Maguire - The Last Dance.

What is Keri Hilson's last song she made?

the last song she mad was slow dance

What song did robiie do his solo dance to on so you think you can dance on the 30th January?

so you think you can dance

What was panic at the disco's first song called?

Time to Dance was the first song they wrote. (as a band) I think the last person to answer this guessed blindly.

What is a song with the chorus that goes ' and dance and dance and dance' a man sings it and you think it might be a bit of an old song?

ummm Dance, Dance by Fallout Boy?

What song did William and Cheryl dance to last night in their first dance?

bleeding love

What is a traditional song or dance in Argentina?

rumba i think

What is the last song on the Dance Flick movie with the twilight scene?


What does the song your last by big Sean mean?

Big seans new song dance a$$

What song did Hawk dance to on the 5.30.07 episode of So You Think You Can Dance?

Tambourine by Eve

What is the fall out boy song in the circuit city commercial?

it's Dance Dance, i think.

What is the carlton dance?

It is a dance that a man came up with also his last name was Carlton so the dance and song was named after him

What is time in dance?

Are you talking about the song "Time"? They did a dance to it on So YOu Think You Can Dance a few years ago...

In the film Save The Last Dance what song did sarah dop her dance to?

The song that Sarah danced to in her audition was "All or Nothing" by Athena Cage.

What is the name of the belly dance song in Charlie's Angeles?

i think its

What is the So You Think You Can Dance theme song?

move your feet

What is the dance song with get up get up get up?

I think its thriller

What is a good country song to dance to?

i think a good song is "the story" by brandi charlie

Who sings save the last dance for me 1959?

The Drifters. The song is from 1960.

What is the last song in the dance flick trailer?

Low by Flo Rida

What is the name of the song in the promo for So you think you can dance?

I Wanna Dance with Somebody - Whitney Houston

What is the song in englishman in new york a film about quentin crisp called with the lyrics last dance for romance the last dance tonight?

Last dance by donna summer, it was also in the film charlie's angels

Name of the song on flash point last night?

The song at the end of the Last Dance Episode was Chopin Ballad by Melanie Doane

Who sang the famous song Mary Jane's last song?

A possibility:Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers had a hit in 1993 with a song called "Mary Jane's Last Dance."