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To make a permanent record, such as a photograph, of particularly special times

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Q: What the meaning of capture the moments?
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What is instagrams slogan?

"capture and share the worlds moments"

What is a purpose of a camera?

to capture the great moments in life

What is the purpose of inventing the camera?

To take pictures and to capture the memorable moments.

Why do you use digital camera?

To take pictures and capture precious moments.

What is the conotative meaning of fish capture?

meaning of fish capture

What is the meaning of data capture technique?

meaning of data capture technique

Why did philo invent the camera?

to capture special moments such as proof for scientific research.

What are you required to do on the job of a photographer?

What you are required to do on the job of a photographer is to pay attention to details and capture important moments. These moments depend on what your client wishes to achieve.

How does photography help us now?

It documents what has happened and helps us capture moments.

What camera can do?

Take stunning photos, takes videos, capture moments and make memories

How camera change people's lives?

because we re able to capture moments that has never happend before !!

What is an archivist's main duty?

To capture and preserve historical moments in time, to make accesable the archive for users.