What the most diverse ecosystem on earth?


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There are two: the tropical rainforests and the temperate rainforests. They have five tropic levels.

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Tropical rain forests are the most diverse ecosystems in the world.

the rainforest is the most divrse ecosystem because it is the wettest ecosystem. and all animals need water and sunlight to live.

forest is most stsble ecosystem on the earth

It makes the ecosystem more diverse.

It makes the ecosystem more diverse.

Because it is the most diverse ecosystem. Diverse meaning different, unlike, distinct, seperate, or to be capable of various forms.

The ecosystem becomes more stable and diverse.

rain forests and coral reefs

The effects of the ecosystem are quite diverse because there are many species in the ecosystem. One function of a particular species can severely affect the others in the ecosystem.

The largest ecosystem on the earth is the oceans.

It depends on how many species are in the ecosystem. if there is more species (kinds) then it is more diverese

the sun is the root of all life of earth so it's the most important element of an ecosystem

tropical rain forests, coral reefs

the ocean produces most oxygen on earth

The most diverse biome on Earth is the rainforest. The amazon biome is most diverse among all of the rainforests. New species continue to be found. Between 2010 and 2013 as many as 441 new species were found.

Engage your interests while you build your professional skills and confidence in one of the most diverse and dynamic cities on Earth.

The earth is the largest ecosystem

The more diverse an ecosystem is, the more stable it is and able to withstand major changes in the environment

The ecosystem becomes more stable and diverse

it has a diverse variety of plants and animals that live together

biodiversity increases ecosystem productivity with all the species in that ecosystem , no matter their size,have a big role. A diverse ecosystem can prevent and recover from lots of disasters.

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