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What the most specific term use to classify humans?


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I believe a term used to classify humans is homosapians


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classify means be more specific

Biotic is a term that is used by science to classify living things.

No. It is a term to classify muscle types.

broad types of literature

MHC (major histocompatability complex) is the term for the molecules in all vertebrates. HLA (human leukocyte antigen) is the specific term for that class of molecules in humans.

Metal is not an element. It is a term used to classify an element, but it is not an element.

The term classification mean to classify something...for another words to describe something! I hope this helps you!

Tucker is one term. There's a few, most are more specific.

Another term used for specific heat is temperature.

Volvulus is the medical term meaning twisted gut in humans.

Population can pertain to any organism and to any area. The most common use of the term population is for the number of humans in a city.

Another specific term for heat is thermal energy for light it is radiant energy.

What are the long term effects of an amoeba in humans?

In humans, ventral is synonymous with Anterior.

Broad types of literature, music or other broad body of knowledge.

Invertebrates is the term for multicellular organisms that lack a backbone.

I don't think there is a specific term, but I would suggest polytheocide.

There is probably no specific term for that. But there is a specific term for the one who asked this question. Genius!!!!

Server Farm is the most common term, I think. Data Center is another term, but I think that may be a specific type of Server Farm.

The term diploid is an adjective, not a noun. You might ask how many diploid cells are in humans. The answer is, many trillions. Most human cells are diploid. Only the gametes are haploid.

the term Lesbian is generally reserved for humans. Most gerbils are capable of exhibiting bisexual behavior.

Term can mean many things (school term, Senator's term, etc.) you have to be more specific.

A term is a specific usage/definition of a word, often associated with a specific occupation.

The term "Pilgrim" is both a general and specific term. It is specific to a set of colonists from Europe, as well as a general term to describe all colonists from Europe. Given in a specific answer the Wampanoags were the Native Americans in that area where they (the specific pilgrims) settled. As a general term there were hundreds of tribes involved in the originally settled colonies.

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