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That would be different from bike to bike. Get a vernier caliper and measure it.

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Q: What the size of a suspension bike bolt?
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What is the difference between a duel suspension bike and a rigid bike?

Dual suspension is a bicycle with both a suspension fork and a suspension rear. A rigid bike is a bike w/o any suspension, both fork and rear triangle are stiff.

Is a bmx bike supost to have suspension?

No bmx is supposed to have suspension

What is a Dyno mountain bike disc brake full suspension?

The Dyno mountain bike with full suspension and disc brakes is called "Fierce" I had one myself. It was an amazing bike!

What does brake jack mean?

On a suspension bike parts of the suspension will compress and others will extend as the bike reacts to the different dynamic forces occurring when you get on the brakes.

What will happen if you do not have the suspension at the bottom of your dirt bike when you jump?

you will crash and heart your self and demige your bike

Where can one purchase a full suspension for a mountain bike?

One cannot actually purchase a full suspension for a mountain bike. However, on the online Amazon website one has a large variety of full suspension mountain bikes to choose from.

The Difference between construction downhill mountain bike cross-country?

A DH bike is heavier, stronger, has a slacker steering angle and plusher suspension. The XC bike is lighter, more responsive, weaker and has less travel in its suspension.

Is it possible to change a single speed mountain bike into a full suspension bike?

This question is a bit mixed up.Single-speed(SS) only tell you that there's only one gear, and full-suspension (FS) only tells you that the bike has both a suspension fork, and a suspension frame.Type of drive(single-speed or geared) is independent of type of suspension setup.A bike can be both SS and FS, although it would be unusual.A bike that was purpose built as a SS will take some tinkering if you want to turn it into a geared bike. There'll be some brackets missing that you'll have to deal with. But one way or another it's usually doable.Turning a geared bike into a SS is usually easier, as it's mostly a question of unbolting things.The opposite of a FS bike is a rigid bike, and turning a rigid bike into a FS isn't really doable.Sure, you can add a suspension fork, that's fairly simple. But getting suspension for the rear wheel requires so much rework of the frame that you'd be better off buying a new bike instead.

Can you put a lock out rear suspension on a mountain bike that only is front suspension?

Not really. There's no hinge for it, and no place for the suspension to go. You'd basically have to cut the bike apart to create the hinge to allow the suspension to move, and then you'd have to build the attachment points for the suspension. It's really not worth the huge effort it'd take.

Which bike should you buy for your nine year old son?

The bike that you should buy for your nine year old son is that with a 20-inch wheel with suspension forks and adequate front suspension.

Do all jump bike frames fit each others suspension?


Is it possible to put rear suspension on a fixed frame mountain bike?