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1.2mm / 16g

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Q: What the smallest needle size for lower lip labret percing?
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What is a labret piercing?

Labret is Latin for "lip" , a labret piercing was defined as a centerline lower lip piercing placed just below the center of the lower lip, they jewellery designed for this piercing is called a Labret stud a flat back stud with a removable top, screw on ball.A labret piercing in a piercing between the center of the lower lip and chin.

Can you get a vertical labret piercing if you already have your labret pierced?

Yes a vertical labret is on the lip surface to the lip edge, a labret is on the lower lip below the lip edge so having the two should not be an issue.

What does the piercing panda kisses look like?

it's a set of spiderbite piercings on each side of your lower lip. so the right side of your lower lip has two piercings and the left side of your lower lip has two piercings. Also, it is occasionally used to describe the double labret, usually snakebites, when they are vertical labret. So it would be two vertical labret.

Is it possible that a lip piercing can be a labret to?

Labret can be used to describe any lip piercing but it's most commonly used to reer to center lower lip piercings. Labret post jewelry can be worn in any lip piercing and even ear piercings.

What would cause a sharp pain in your lower right side?

a needle! a needle! a needle!

What is the area between your lower lip and chin called?

The Labret; la·bret (lay brit). Commonly, mistakenly, and incorrectly spelled Labray; luh·bray (la·bray), and sometime Labraya; luh·bray·a (la·bray·uh). Correct: The Labret; la·bret (lay brit).

What does the lower labret piercing mean?

Body piercing has no meaning except for the individual who has them then the meaning is to them and them alone. It's a style statement and nothing more.

What is it called when a female gets the lower left side of her lip pierced?

There is no specific name for any piercing based on gender, aside from genital piercings of course. There is also no REAL term to differentiate between placements for lower lip piercings (though there are many slang terms), except it's based on how low on the lip it is. All lower lip piercings from about the middle region up to the lip are labret piercings, and any below that point are lowbrets. If you wish to be able to explain the placement, simply say "a left labret" "a labret on the left" or something similar.

Where is the epidural needle inserted?

into the epidural spce a the lower of the back

What is an infection transmitted by a hypodermic needle transmitted by?

lower down

How do you find the lower and upper quartiles with only 5 values?

The lower quartile is the second smallest and the upper quartile is the fourth smallest (second largest).

You should lower a coverslip using a mounted?

you should use a needle

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