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Evanescence has never stated what their symbol stand for.

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What is the meaning of the evanescence symbol?

It's an artistically designed, lower case "e"

What did Evanescence change their name to?

Evanescence are still evanescence...

What do the numbers 1 4 3 stand for?

1 - I 4 - Heart symbol (love) 3 - < 3 (you)

When was Evanescence - Evanescence album - created?

Evanescence - Evanescence album - was created in 2010.

What keyboard does evanescence use?

Amy Lee, the singer and keyboardist/pianist of Evanescence, uses a Baldwin keyboard in a baby grand piano shell. She also has a Baldwin stand alone keyboard.

What is the Email of evanescence?

The email address of Evanescence is

How do you contact evanescence?

You can contact Evanescence through email at

What does Chemical symbol He stand for?

It is the symbol for Helium

Is how long is my immortal by evanescence?

4 minutes and 24 seconds.

What does the symbol stand for?


Is Evanescence dead?

No, Evanescence is not dead.

Is Evanescence a band or the girl?

Evanescence is the band. The girl's name from Evanescence is Ame Lee.

What are the lyrics to My Immortal by Evanescence?


What does the Judaism symbol stand for?

Which Judaism symbol? There are many.

What does the Aries symbol stand for?

The Aries symbol is that of the Ram.

What do rainbow's symbol stand for?

It is the gay pride symbol

Who is evanescence boyfriend?

Evanescence is a band, not a person.

What does evanescence mean?

'Evanescence' means fading or disappearingEvanescence means "to fade away or disappear."

How many people does Evanescence have in her band?

Evanescence is not a person, and can thus not be referred to as "she." But there are five members of Evanescence.

What is Evanescence?

EvanescenceEvanescence is a American band formed in 1998 in Little Rock,Arkansas by Amy Lee and Ben Moody. Evanescence falls under the genre of Alternative Metal. Evanescence gets its name from the word evanescence, which means to disapper, or fade away.evanescence is a band with the lead singer, Amy lee

What does a heart symbol stand for?

the heart is a symbol of love and desire.

What does the symbol Am stand for?

The chemical symbol Am is for element 95, which is americium.

What does the element symbol As stand for?

The element symbol, As stands for arsenic

What does hokkaido's flag symbol mean?

what does Hokkaido's symbol stand for

What is the symbol for integers and what does the symbol stand for?

Samsons a gay wanker

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