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Amantadine may provide some limited improvement in ataxic symptoms, but is not recommended in patients with cardiac abnormalities. Physical and occupational therapy are used to maintain range of motion

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There is no specific therapy to treat Friedreich's Ataxia. Management typically involves physical therapy to improve coordination and balance, occupational therapy to help with daily activities, and medications to manage symptoms such as muscle stiffness and heart complications. Research is ongoing to explore potential treatments that may target the underlying genetic cause of the disease.

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Q: What therapy is used for Friedreich's Ataxia?
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How is ataxia-telangiectasia treated?

Physical therapy and speech therapy can help the patient adjust to ataxia. Injections of gamma globulin, or extracts of human blood that contain antibodies, are used to strengthen the weakened immune system

Can you die from ataxia?

Not from ataxia itself which is a condition where the nerves and muscles do not coordinate together correctly usually requiring physical therapy.

What supportive therapy is available for A-T?

Supportive therapy is available to reduce the symptoms of drooling, twitching, and ataxia, but individual responses to specific medications vary.

Is restless leg syndrome connected to ataxia?

It is one of the symptoms of Spinocerebellar Ataxia.

How many people have spinocerebellar ataxia?

well in general, there are 150,000 in the US that have ataxia. for more information please visit graduate student Ataxia project

What are the symptoms of ataxia disease?

The term "ataxia" does not refer to a specific disease, but a symptom of various conditions that may occur. Ataxia is most commonly related to neurological issues.

What actors and actresses appeared in Ataxia - 1991?

The cast of Ataxia - 1991 includes: Blai Llopis

Did Jamie Vaughn suffers from a lack of muscle coordination that is known as ataxia?

The answer is ataxia. Hope this helps.

How is ataxia-telangiectasia diagnosed?

Diagnosis relies on recognizing the hallmarks of A-T: progressive ataxia and telangiectasia. However, this may be difficult as ataxia symptoms do appear prior to telangiectasia symptoms by several years

Is ataxia a transferable disease?


What phobia is the fear of ataxia or muscular incoordination?

Ataxiophobia is the name of the phobia related to the fear of muscular incoordination or ataxia.

What is ataxia?

Ataxia means to be out of balance. You can see this in someone who has too much alcohol to drink. They stumble and can fall down.