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probably creative!

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Q: What they might see or do Saturn?
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Can you see Saturn on the moon?

No. Saturn has never been on the moon neither will it ever be (do to physical restraints) therefore you cannot see Saturn on the moon. However you can see Saturn FROM the moon. The planet just has to be in the right part of the sky - not on the other side of the moon that you are viewing it FROM. You might need a telescope depending on your vision.

Can you see Saturn's moon Titan from Saturn?

Yes you can see Saturn's moon Titan from Saturn. Titan is a moon that is very much like Earth (where we are).

When is the best time of year to see Saturn?

the best time to see Saturn is in the winter

How were scientists able to see that Saturn has an aurora?

You could see Saturn clearly from a telescope . When saturn rotates you can probably see the aurora . But on the other hand Saturn is made of gas so it probably DOES have an aurora :)

At what time can you see Saturn from earth?

You can see Saturn at approximately 3-4 am in the morning's you can basically see Saturn's rings with a telescope or the squinting of the eyes also works.

Are there volcanoes on Saturn?

No. Saturn is a gas planet. It has no surface on which volcanoes might form.

What happens when Saturn is in lagna?

If you land on Saturn you might sink down and fall.

What will you see when you get to Saturn?

You would see aliens gases because Saturn is a gas planet like Uranus.

Does Saturn have any rings?

Saturn does have rings but the exact number is unknown. (To see more on how many rings Saturn has, see the related link below)

What dates will you be able to see Saturn with a telescope?

You can see Saturn with a telescope now; in the northern hemisphere, Saturn rises about midnight and is high in the sky by midnight.

How many craters does Saturn have?

None. Saturn does not have a solid surface in which craters might form.

Are there landslides in Saturn?

No. Saturn is a gas giant, and so has no land on which a landlside might occur.

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