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Q: What thing can we do to increase the size of the current the generator produces?
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What device converts electric energy into mechanical energy?

An electric motor is a device that converts electric energy into mechanical energy. When an electric current passes through the motor, it generates a magnetic field that interacts with the motor's coils, causing the motor to rotate and produce mechanical energy.

How can electricity be generated by wind?

Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical energy, which is then used to drive a generator that produces electricity. The spinning blades of the turbine capture the wind's energy and turn a rotor connected to the generator, converting the rotational energy into electrical energy. This electricity can then be fed into the power grid for use.

What transfer of energy by movement of fluids or gases with different temperatures is called?

pressure increase causes temperature increase temperature increase causes pressure increase when volume is constant that's Boyle's law if the temperature increases the speed of the molecules increase and the number of collisions increases . different slant on the same thing i guess. Brown usually Brownian motion.

Is current a noun?

Yes, the word current is a noun, a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a stream of water or air in motion; a word for a thing.

What is a proton car?

There is no such thing as a "proton car." Proton is a Malaysian automotive manufacturer that produces a range of cars, but they are not specifically referred to as "proton cars."

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What is the difference between D.C Motor and D.C Generator?

Both are simply opposite. First of all a motor is any thing which produces mechanical energy with electrical energy intake and Generator is Vice-versa. It produces electrical energy with mechanical energy intake.Both are in same principle of induction but in opposite direction. Few appliances work on AC and few on DC(Alternative current,Direct current). AC has two levels to fluctuate i.e Positive and Negative where as DC has only one value to speak with,either positive or negative. Now DC Motor "needs" DC charge to operate and DC Generator "produces" DC charge as the output.

Is there such thing as a sump pump connected to a generator?

Yes, a sump pump can be connected to a generator to make it operate. Keep in mind that the starting current of the pump motor could be 300% of the running current and the sizing of the generator should take this into account. If you are looking for the sump pump using a mechanical connection it will connect to the engine and not to the generator.

Adding of phase ampere is the correct way to get the total amperage of 3 phase generator?

There is no such thing as a 'total current' for a three-phase generator in the sense that you suggest -i.e. the sum of the phase currents. Current ratings are based the current that the machine can deliver to a load on a 'per line' basis.

What is residual voltage for DC generator?

This case arises only in series dc generator current should be sent around the poles to magnetize. this current can the source(generator). current is passed through poles if it is loaded. but if it is not loaded current is zero through the field. load voltage should be zero actually.but this dont happen.we use generator frequently.due to this poles are partially magnetized this causes some voltage appear called residual voltageAnswerThere's no such thing as 'residual voltage'; you're confusing it with 'residual magnetism', which exists in the magnetic poles of a self-excited d.c. generator and which enables the build-up of its terminal voltage.

Why the field current is less in generator?

The field current is used to create an electromagnet. The power out of a generator comes from the prime mover (the thing that is making the rotor spin), not the field current. The field current is necessary to set up an electric field to induce electric current onto the stator windings. The stronger the electromagnet, the harder it is for the prime mover to spin (similar to a high gear on a bicycle), causing more power to be needed to keep the prime mover turning.

What device converts electric energy into mechanical energy?

An electric motor is a device that converts electric energy into mechanical energy. When an electric current passes through the motor, it generates a magnetic field that interacts with the motor's coils, causing the motor to rotate and produce mechanical energy.

Is a windmill a generator?

No, a windmill is a device that converts wind energy into mechanical energy, typically used for tasks like pumping water or grinding grain. A generator, on the other hand, is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

How can you select the current values for welding?

The amount of current (amps) is controlled by the user. It's done with a variable resistor. Another thing to note is whether you are welding constant current or constant voltage. If you are welding constant current, the voltage will vary and a set Amp measure will remain constant. With constant voltage, the current will vary and that's determined by the resistance. Constant voltage should be an easier set up. I'm not 100% sure but most stick welding is constant current, which is why increasing the arc length produces more heat, because more arc length should increase the resistance, which would cause the welding machine to increase voltage to keep the current constant.

Is there such thing as a weather generator?

there isn't such thing of a weather generator because it has not been invented yet by scientists it is just something they are working on to make it real

What kind of a battery produces an electrical current by the action of 2 plates of different metals in an electrolyte?

The galvanic cell or voltaic cell. Same thing.

Does a increase in current result in increase in electrical consumption?

As you are billed on the consumption of wattage and wattage is the product of amp times volts the answer to your question is yes. An increase in current will result in an increase in electrical consumption.Additional AnswerResidential consumers are billed on their energyconsumption (there is no such thing as 'electrical consumption' as 'electricity' is not a measurable quantity!), expressed in kilowatt hours.There may be several reasons for an increase in load current. For example, if the residential load has a low power factor, it will be drawing more current than necessary, but the energy consumed will be no different from if the load had a high power factor.So, for residential loads, an increase in load current doesn't necessarily mean a higher energy consumption.

Is a pulse generator and speed senor the same thing?