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Foxes eat rodents, mostly the small kind. For example rats, mice, lemmings, hares, squirrels, voles etc.

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they get eaten by the following: .foxes .wolves .and bears

The best example would be rabbits and hares which feed on grass and are eaten by foxes.

Rabbits are eaten by foxes by using their mouths.

it is eaten by foxes and elephants

Man, foxes and eagles.

Yes because if rabbits don't get eaten by foxes rabbits will increase and foxes will decrease Rabbits need to be eaten by foxes and other predators so the rabbits don't overpopulate the area and eat all the food and starve.

Robins do get eaten they get eaten a lot.There almost extinct!The foxes,the tarantula's,and sea stuff eat them.

They can be eaten by Coyotes, Eagles, Rattle snakes, Hawks, Foxes and Wolves.

if they are able to be cought small owls will be eaten by foxes and eagles or hawks.

yes because if they don't get eaten rabbits will decrease and foxes will decrease

your "question" is not a question to begin with. anyways, grass produces food. the grass is eaten by grasshoppers, mice and rabbits. grasshoppers are eaten by mice and toads. mice are eaten by snakes, hawks and owls. rabbits are eaten by foxes and coyotes. foxes are eaten by coyotes. snakes are also eaten hawks.

Since foxes often prey on raccoons, it is doubtful there is any animal that eats foxes that could be eaten by a raccoon.

Foxes probably eat ants if dogs do because my dog has eaten one before!

Yes actually a couple of things such as wolves and foxes. Hope this helps!answ2 And any carnivore larger than they - such as voles.

Foxes are eaten by coyotes, cougars, eagles, and lynxes.

Foxes, Some wild dogs, Bobcats, Eagles

there are eaten by foxes, coyotes, stoats, dogs, etc.

Yes, it is eaten by wolves, foxes, and coyotes.

Yes. Arctic foxes are eaten by polar bears, Snowy owls, and arctic wolves, to name a few.

Fennec Foxes are eaten by the African Eagle Owl and any other mammal that is bigger than it.

Foxes will eat birds, rabbits, small rodents, thus are a predator. However foxes are eaten by people, larger birds, carnivore's, thus they are prey. Answer is "both"

hedgehogs get eaten by foxes and some other prpredator

Foxes in Texas eat a variety of animals and plants. Rabbits, mice, rats, squirrels, birds, insects, earthworms, fish, and a number of other animals are eaten by foxes.

Tundra swans are often eaten by bears and by wolves. They can also be eaten by foxes and even humans depending on their location.

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