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There are several things that can harm corals. Most of these are human activities like overfishing and any form of contact with the corals will damage them.

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coral reefs are damaged by people walking on them, storms, ships, oil spills, fishing nets and toxic dumping into the sea of mans waste

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oil can most likely destroy it

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Human impacts, Climatic change.

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Q: What things are endangering the coral reefs?
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Name two things that are endangering the coral?

propellers & anchors are endangering the coral, destroying years, if not decades, of coral growth

Why boat anchors destroyed coral reefs?

because boat anchors are heavy and when you drop it it smashes the coral reefs and all the things that make up the coral reefs.

What are the bad things about coral reefs?


Are coral reefs animals?

Not really, but they are living things, just like the trees and bushes outside.

What structures do coral colonies produce?

Coral Reefs

Are dolphins in the coral reefs?

no dolphins are not in coral reefs.

What coral reef is in California?

There are no coral reefs IN California

Where does the name coral reef come from?

The reason they are called Coral Reef is because there are lots of coral in those locations, and they are also called coral reefs or reefs of coral reefs of coral too.

Are coral reefs can be gas for ships?

are coral reefs can be gas of ships?

What is deterioration of coral reefs?

Coral reefs are being killed by pollutants.

What live in coral reefs?

Coral reefs provide homes for many kinds of fish and other sea creatures. Some of the things that live in coral reefs are fish, sea anemones, sharks, eels, octopi, and sea urchins.

What are natural threats to coral reefs?

Pollution is a natural threat to coral reefs.