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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a composer, meaning he wrote music. He did not invent anything.

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Did Mozart like his dad?

did Mozart ever hate his dad??? == == at times that he made him do things!?!

Where do inventors invent things?

inventors invent things everywhere home, office, or a lab.

Who was Joseph winters invent?

he lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvved to invent things

How can I invent something if I have no money?

you can invent if you really want you can invent by things that are not expensive..right?

Why did people invent things that hurt the environment?

selfish people prefer to invent things which doesn't hurt them.

Did Isaac Newton invent the Pulley?

No but he did invent other great things

What did ancient India invent?

they did invent things but know one knows

What might you want to invent?

Many many things people can invent.

Why did the Empire in Rome start to invent things?

Firstly empires are not people and therefore they do not invent things. Secondly inventing things is what people do, whether Roman or not.

What is Wolfgang Van Halen most known for?

Wolfgang Van Halen is known for many things. Wolfgang Van Halen is most known for being an American musician. Wolfgang Van Halen is also known as "Wolfie" or "Wolf".

How did albert Einstein invention change what you know about light today?

he didn't invent he discovered thingshe didn't invent he discovered things

What things did J.K. Rowling invent?

J.K. Rowling did invent Harry Potter.

What did Albert Einstein's invented?

He did not invent things, but did develop the theories of how things work at the atomic level. However, he actually DID invent a type of refrigerator.

Why do people invent things?

To overcome limitation

Did Zeus ever invent anything?

no he didint he was too busy ruling everybody and everything he is a god of the goddess he doesnt invent things he rules things

What things did Scotland invent?

Scotland is a country and therefore does not invent things. However if you go to the link below you will se a vast array of inventions by the Scotts

What did Thomas Edison do to help the people?

invent things to help people with things

What are the odd things out about beethoven Mozart and haydn?

that he was death and that he still had the compassion for music.

Who was the smartest guy who ever lived?

There is no precise way to measure intelligence. Further people have different abilities and different areas of "smartness". Finally achievement is only indirectly related to intelligence. People who achieve great things may do so with hard work and single-minded focus more than with raw intelligence. There are a number of people who were very bright and did fine work such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, John Stuart Mill, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Albert Einstein, John von Neumann and others.

Did Jew's invent most things?

== == Not to be indelicate but, why does it matter? no

What did ancient egyptians invent?

one of the things are toilets.

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