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What things turn guys on?

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A lot of straight guys are turned on by breasts, curvy hips, lips, eyes, shiny hair, a nice smile, a sincere laugh, showing interest in him, having your own interests, bare shoulders, exotic perfume, fancy dance moves, or a good sense of humor. I don't know about gay men, but I'm sure that a lot of the above apply. Then there are always some (gay, straight, or elsewise) who are turned on by something other than the obvious, like, oh, say, licorice or laundry. That kind of thing you can never predict! Every guy is different. If you have a particular guy in mind, you need to ask him! wearing short skirts or short-shorts can turn guys on too as well as other revealing clothing

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Are guys jealous of other guys?

No guys aren't jealous of other guys. its the things other guys do that get them.

How can you make a guy get hard?

Any erotic behavour really, stoking the inside of his leg ect. Different things turn different guys on quicker but all guys get hard pretty easily.

What are good things to text guys you like?

Don't think of things to text. It seems phony and put on. This will turn him off fast and make you look shallow. Be yourself and not phony.

Balding guys become more attractive?


Are you gay if you have a girlfriend but guys turn you on?

Yes, but only if girls do not turn you on.

What are some cute things girls do that guys love?

Different Girls have different things that guys like.

Do girls like guys that wear uggs?

No, guys wearing Uggs are a turn-off to me.

Do guys like tattoos on a girl?

It depends on the guy. Some guys like it but some guys take it as a turn off.

Guys Is it a turn on to hear a girl pee?


Wrong turn guys vs Jason voorhees?

Jason Vorhees, definitely. He is already the undead.. the Wrong Turn guys are just crazy hillbillies.

What flirty things attract guys?

All guys are attracted by different things. If you are trying to flirt, just be yourself.

Do guys find cute girls who wear baseball caps a turn off or a turn on?

turn off

Do guys get so nervous that they keep there distance?

yep! Guys who are mean to you, turn out that they like you sometimes.

Why do girls consider guys childish?

Because guys do gross immature things

How do you not get a boyfriend?

Just turn down guys that ask you out.

Why was the name Gabriella so popular?

its a turn on for guys

Why does people turn lesbian?

You are born lesbian. It's not something you catch or turn into to.Answeror you can get a bad time with guys and turn to girls.

How do you turn on a guys through text?

To turn a guy on through text you can tell him what you are wearing, or not wearing.

Do guys like it when girls wear converse?

Different guys like different things :)

Why do boys like to kill things?

Not all guys like to kill things. I am a guy and i dont like killing things. Some guys have problems and they vent that way i guess.

Turn ons for guys?

they love it when you bite your lip around them

What if girls and guys don't turn me on?

you will find somebody eventually.

Is blushing a turn off for guys?

No. Usually seen as endearing.

Do guys like girls who are clingly?

Some guys don't at all, but some guys do. Different people like different things.

How do you get him to be your boyfriend?

As a guy I would say just ask him, guys love girls that speak their minds, to a certain extent, and I would like it if a girl asked me out. Just remember guys turn down girls, like girls turn down guys.