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What things turn guys on?

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2007-10-05 21:04:06

A lot of straight guys are turned on by breasts, curvy hips,

lips, eyes, shiny hair, a nice smile, a sincere laugh, showing

interest in him, having your own interests, bare shoulders, exotic

perfume, fancy dance moves, or a good sense of humor. I don't know

about gay men, but I'm sure that a lot of the above apply. Then

there are always some (gay, straight, or elsewise) who are turned

on by something other than the obvious, like, oh, say, licorice or

laundry. That kind of thing you can never predict! Every guy is

different. If you have a particular guy in mind, you need to ask

him! wearing short skirts or short-shorts can turn guys on too as

well as other revealing clothing

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