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At least up to the size of a baby. But that's painful!

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What big things can fit in a girls vagina?

Fingers Fruit Vegitables Mascara tubes Hairbrush handles Pens Penises Flashlights Ice Spoons Toothbrushes ... to name a few.

What can you put in a female's vagina?

Alot of things. Remember, it can stretch out to fit a baby out of it.

How many penises can fit in one girls vagina?

Two penisee not more than two

Is it possible to fit a midget inside a vagina?

In My Personal Experience, you can't fit a midget in a vagina .. you can fit atleast 7!

What if your boyfriends dont fit in your vagina?

Then your Vagina is in trouble...

What is a nother word for a girls vagina?

Vagina! =P

What does girls have?


Where is a girls cherry?

a girls cherry is her vagina

Girls who wants to know What is in guys head?

sex,boobs,vagina, and other things haha jk

How does a mans penis fit in a woman's vagina?

The vagina is very elastic, more than you think could fit inside. Be careful though, if you're tense, things may get damaged - insert the penis slowly and try to relax.

Can you get pimples after licking a girls vagina after she just shaved?

No. You can shave your vagina after licking a girls pimple, though.

What are some things that can be done to help make your vagina tighter?

AnswerShort of surgery, only keeping fit by healthy eating and regular exercise will keep the vagina muscles trim.

What are girls penises called?

Girls do not have a penis, they have a vagina.

What can you do with a girls vagina?

You can't do anything with a girls vagina unless you are the girl who owns the vagina! When it comes to women's vagina's you can do whatever the woman allows you to do, and nothing more.

Do girls like it when you rub their vagina?

Girls love it when you rub their vagina, but make sure they are comfortable with you doing it first.

When do girls develop hair on vagina?

Girls never develop hair on their vagina - the vagina is the internal part of the girls genitals. Girls develop hair on the outside of their vulva and mons pubis as they enter puberty at around 10 years old.

What hole do you put your fingers in a girls vagina?

the vagina....the bigger one.

How does a penis fit in a vagina?

When the penis enters the vagina the vagina opens (streachs), The vagina will streach enough for any size on penis,

How many penises can you fit in the vagina?

It depends on how big the vagina or penis is, but usually only one could fit in. But 2-3 might fit if they are small enough.

Do girls like putting things in there vagina?

Yep. Girls do like that very much. When some thing is in, they start feeling a sensation there which is because of the sensation caused by the touch of that thing in the nerves which causes contraction and relaxation of muscles of their vagina. Secretion occurs , which in turn drives girls mad.......

Why do girls wear things in there vagina?

because when they have their period blood drips outta there, so they wear tampons to absorb the bleed

How does a girls play with herself?

Finger up the vagina/Rubbing of aforementioned vagina.

What is the length of a girls vagina?

A female's vagina is usually of equal length to her hand.

Why does hair grow near a girls vagina?

Because hair protects the vagina

What is under girls skirt?

A vagina