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the three forces that affect objects and every day life are:gravitation,magnetism,and friction.

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What effect does gravity have on objects?

Gravity causes forces that attract every two objects in the universe toward each other.

Are the forces between Earth and the Moon a Newtonian third law pair?

Yes. The gravitational forces between the Earth and moon are equal and opposite ...just like the gravitational forces between everytwo objects are.

Why does gravity affect speed?

Because the effect of gravity is to cause forces between every two objects that have mass, and force on an object generally affects its speed.

How often does earth get hit by objects in space?

Objects are hitting us every day of every minute.

How does gravity effect objects in the universe?

Gravity causes a pair of forces that attract every pair of objects toward each other. Whether or not they actually move toward each other depends on many other things, including the masses of the objects, the distance between them, and the other forces that may also be acting on them at the same time.

What is the difference between the electromagnetic force and the gravitational force?

Gravity: pulls you down. Electromagnetic: is magnetic. Electromagnetic is boss of all forces. Gravity uses electromgnetic forces to pull. Every atom has electrons and they use electromagnetic forces to keep in shape. Earth atoms all together attracts small objects on earth using electromagnetic forces. It all depends on the mass of earth, material found deep in earth and the hot circulating earth core. however some magnetic forces have signature, they do not pull all objects. Some just pull specific matching atoms e.g. Normal magnet and iron.

Why gravity important to know about?

Because it's one of the four fundamental forces, the concept that allows for objects to move, and is essential and/or connected to just about every human function on the Planet Earth.

How often do space objects closely pass earth?

Every second...

Which direction does gravity pull on objects?

Gravity is the reason for the pair of forces between every two objects that have mass.The forces always pull the two objects together, each one gets pulled toward the centerof the other one.When I'm bowling, there are a pair of gravitational forces pulling me and the Earthtogether, another pair of forces pulling the bowling ball and the Earth together,and another pair of forces pulling me and the bowling ball together.But the only forces that we ever notice are the gravitational forces between us andthe Earth, since it's the biggest mass around. The forces of gravity between me andthe Earth pull me and the Earth together along the line between my center and theEarth's center. In exactly the same way, when I drop the bowling ball, the forces ofgravity between the bowling ball and the Earth pull the ball and the Earth togetheralong the line between the center of the ball and the center of the Earth.Wherever we are, the direction of the biggest force we feel is toward the center ofthe Earth. That's the direction we call "down", but it's actually different directions atdifferent places on the Earth. "Down" in Beijing, China, and "down" on the east coastof Argentina, are exactly opposite directions ... they point at each other (throughthe Earth).

Why a person walk forward during locomotion when according to newton's third law every action has an equal and opposite reaction?

The two forces ("action" and "reaction") act on different objects (you push against the Earth, the Earth pushes against you), so there is no guarantee that forces on one specific object (you, who do the walking) are always balanced.

What objects does gravity effect?

Every object that has any mass. About the only objects that are not included are the object of one's affection, the object of a sentence, etc.

Why don't falling objects have constant velocity?

By now, we should all be comfortable with the fact that as long as there's a force acting on an object, the object continues to accelerate, that is, to move, in the direction of the force, with increasing speed. Any two objects have a pair of equal forces acting on them ... the forces of universal gravitation, which attracts every object to every other object. So every two objects that are free to move must accelerate toward each other. When I'm up in the air above the earth's surface, I'm attracted toward the earth with a force of 185 pounds, and the earth is attracted toward me with a force of 185 pounds. Both I and the earth are accelerated by the forces on us. My acceleration toward the earth ... the rate at which my speed increases ... is 9.8 meters per second (32.2 feet per second) faster every second. Since the earth's mass is somewhat greater than my mass but the force on it is the same as the force on me, the earth accelerates toward me at a somewhat lower rate.

How earthquake effects the earth?

How earthquakes effect the earth?It destroys every thing. such as roads, buildings, and all man made objects and also injures people sometimes badly injures people and sometimes even kills people.

How does gravity effect planet earth?

Gravity causes forces that attract the Earth toward every nearby mass, including every person, car, elephant, dog, fire hydrant, stone, and blade of grass on its surface, as well as the moon. On a related note, gravity is also responsible for keeping the Earth in orbit around the sun.

What are the forces holding in orbit around the sun and the moon in orbit around the earth?

the forces holding every thing toghter is gravity

What effect do tides have on the Earth?

Tidal Effect on the Earth Tides are raised in the earth's solid crust. Every body in the universe has some tidal effect, however small, on every other even though the sun exerts a much greater total force on the earth than does the moon.

Does Earth exert a force on Mercury?

Yes. There is a gravitational force of attraction between every pair of mass objects. EVERY pair.

What atracs the sun to the earth?

There is a force of attraction between every two mass objects. Every pair.That's gravity for ya.

You know that universal gravitational force is acting every were but on the earth the objects are not attracting each other so what is the reason?

They are but their masses are too small which means their gravitional fields are too weak to have any appreciable effect.

Is gravity a pushing or pulling force?

The forces of gravity between every two objects attract the objects toward each other. So I guess you'd call that a 'pulling force'.

How does the acceleration of gravity compare between objects?

Acceleration due to gravity is the same for EVERY object on the earth, at the same altitude. The only thing that differs is the effect other forces have on it. For instance, in a vacuum, a feather and a bowling ball will both fall at the same rate. However, in normal air, the feather will be impeded by air resistance, so will fall slower.

What are some objects starting with the letter E?

egg elephant elves every elly earth emo

Newtons third law describes the forces between two colliding objects use the connection to explain the forces acting when you kick a soccer ball?

for every action there is a reaction so this is the force.

Newtons third law states that objects exert force and forces on each other?

Newton's Third Law of Motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Objects do exert force on other objects, but as a result, REACTION forces occur. Each force acts in pairs with each other. There is an action, and a reaction.

How fast does something fall on earth?

In a vacuum on earth an objects acceleration due to gravity is approximately 9.81 meters per second every second.

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