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What is early flutes are made of?

Typically flutes are made of silver but early flutes were made of wood. Native Americans would usually take wood then carve it to create early early flute.

Where did the early Native Americans live?


In the early 1800s most nomadic native Americans lived where?

In the early 1800 most of the nomadic native Americans lived in the present day North Carolina.

How did early colonists view native Americans?

The early colonists viewed native Americans as nuisance. They bought the native American people's lands at low cost and left them with lands farther from the colonies.

What did the native Americans and African Americans have in common in the early nineteenth century?


When did Native Americans come to Chicago?

it was no early then 1300

How did early native Americans adapt to their environment?

There are ugly

How did the San Diego mission change the native Americans lives?

The native Americans had to awake early and if they were late they went to jail.

What religion did the early native Americans believe in?

Some tell how people and the world came to be.Others told why things in the world are the way they are

Which early people lived here?

the early people who lived here were the native americans

What struggles did early colonist face?

the Native Americans were a struggle.

How did early french settlers interact with Native Americans?

they didnt

Who started domestication?

the early native Americans started domestication

A large number of the early colonists of Canada were?

native americans

Which crop did the early Native Americans have the most success with?


Who was living in Pennsylvania before the early settlers?

Native Americans

Did Native Americans build mounds?

Yes, early Native Americans built mounds. Interestingly enough they are known generally as "The Mound Builders."

How did early native Americans depend on their environment and natural resources?


Who gave the Native Americans their first horse?

The early Spanish explorers.

What did the early colonists rely on the native Americans for?

Hannah Montana rocks

How do early native Americans depend on their environment and natural resources?


Where did the native Americans ancestors come from?

Scientist believe the early Native American ancestors came from Asia.

How did Native Americans migration differ from that of the white Americans in the early 1800's?

They were forced from their homeland.

Which natural resource has benefited both Native Americans and modern Americans since early times?


What continent setteld by early Americans?

Early Americans, or Native Americans, migrated from East Asia to North America and then from here into South America, where their people flourished for thousands of years.