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Anywhere from 10:30am to 4pm Mon-Sat They start delivering to the several PO Boxes and to those who had the special overnight or 1-2 day stamp before noon. Then they get a hour off to sort through, change shifts if they had to and then pick back up with normal mail. Do know that if you ordered a package and paid the extra money to have it shipped to you and it arrived after 12 noon, you can take it to the closest USPS office and request a refund of the total difference.

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Normal hours of delivery for packages is 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM.

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Q: What time does USPS deliver packages?
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Does USPS deliver packages on Sundays?


Does USPS deliver packages on Sunday?

Hyfr they do

How late does USPS deliver packages?

The latest USPS delivers is 4:30.

Who will deliver USPS packages on Saturday?

The Postal Service announced that, beginning in August, they will no longer deliver mail on Saturdays. USPS deliveries of packages will continue, and Post Offices will still be open.

Does USPS deliver packages on Saturday?

USPS Priority delivers packages on Saturdays...but I dont know about regular delivery method by USPS.. but if they deliver mail on Saturdays why cant they with packages? and I do believe I received a package on Saturday from USPS 4 years ago but I forgot whether I used Priority Mail or not... well if not then just wait til Monday?

How many times a day does USPS deliver packages?

about twice every Gallifreyan Sunstroke if you know what I mean.

How long does USPS take to deliver first class packages from California to Illinois?

The expected delivery time for First Class Mail is three to five days.

What is latest time USPS can deliver mail?


Does USPS deliver on Tuesday?

Yes, the USPS does deliver mail on Tuesday.

Do packages still ship on Sundays?

The USPS will not pick up, or deliver packages on Sunday. However if your package is already in the mail it will continue to move towards it destination on Sundays.

Does the USPS deliver mail on Presidents' Day?

No, USPS does not deliver on Presidents day.

How quickly does USPS deliver packages?

It depends on what type of package it is, how heavy it is, and what service was bought. The packages could be delivered as fast as overnight or up to 12 days business days.

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