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Joe Moffet was born in 1859-06.

Jane Moffet was born on 1930-07-02.

Sam Moffet died on 1907-05-05.

Sam Moffet was born on 1857-03-14.

Joe Moffet died on 1935-02-24.

John Moffet - politician - was born in 1831.

John Moffet - politician - died in 1884.

John Moffet - swimmer - was born on 1964-07-27.

Joe Moffet was born June 27, 1859, in Wheeling, WV, USA.

Sam Moffet was born March 9, 1857, in Wheeling, WV, USA.

Sam Moffet died May 5, 1907, in Butte, MT, USA.

Sally Moffet was born on April 21, 1932, in New York City, New York, USA.

Sally Moffet died on May 8, 1995, in Nyack, New York, USA of lung cancer.

Joe Moffet died February 24, 1935, in San Bernardino, CA, USA.

Jim Moffet has written: 'American corn huskers' -- subject(s): Husking, Corn, Equipment and supplies, Patents

Alexa moffet is a dance teacher in Arizona she teaches in club dance studio she is 16 years old and have been teaching when she was 11

In 2011, to Georgia Moffet

Jenny was played by Georgia Moffet.

J. Bryan Moffet has written: 'Teaching elementary school social studies' -- subject(s): Social sciences, Study and teaching (Elementary)

David Tennant and Georgia Moffet are now engaged and Georgia has an 8 year old son. She is pregnant. They have recently had a daughter called Olivia.

Yes. If it's a straight truck, you could drive it on a Class B, as well. The Moffet itself doesn't require a CDL or any additional licenses or endorsements.

No, they are married since December 2011.

poor child must be craving attention pangs. poor david

Not as far as anyone knows. But you never know.

Joe Moffet debuted on May 6, 1884, playing for the Toledo Blue Stockings at League Park; he played his final game on August 10, 1884, playing for the Toledo Blue Stockings at League Park.