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The best time to take a pregnancy test in the morning is right before you first urinate. This will give you the most accurate results by allowing the pregnancy hormone to accumulate therefore be easier to detect by the test.

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Q: What time in the morning to take a test?
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Does it matter what time of day in take a pregnancy test?

Preferably It is best in the morning. The HCG count is higher in the morning with your first pee.

What is the best time to test for a pregnancy?

If you want to avoid fake results, the best time to test is after your period is suppose to start. Take it first thing in the morning with your first morning urine. That would be the most accurate.

What if you have morning sickness are you pregnant?

You could be. Take a test

When can a woman take her pregnancy test?

A woman should take a pregnancy test on the first day that she has missed her period, it is best to take the test in the morning for the best results.

When is the best time to take a pregnancy test and should you do it in the morning when you first get up or does that matter?

Morning is best because your hormones are strongest in the urine. Take it right away if you are 2-3 days late for your period.

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Can you test for prgnancy any time of the day?

The best time is with your first morning pee.

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What is the best way to take a pregnacy test?

The best way to take a pregnancy test is to take it first thing in the morning, that is when pregnancy hormones are most detectably.

When can you take a pregnancy test after taking next choice?

After taking the morning after pill you should visit a doctor and take a test 2 weeks after.

Can you take two pregnancy test same morning with same urine sample and it is positive than the next morning take another and it be negative?

It would seem one of the test kits was faulty, but the most reliable way to do a test is with fresh urine. take another test or visit your GP. Good luck

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