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It is 3:18 PM in Australia.

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Time in Queensland Australia?

right now it's 7:37pm :)

Is there a war in Australia right now?

There is no war in Australia right now. (July 2014 )

What time is it in the Syria?

Well the time in Syria right now is 2:33 AM. I live in Australia not Syria but yeah:)

Is shinee in Australia right now?

No,they are in Paris now

What time does santa comes to houses to give presents?

That depends on where in the world you live. Right now he is in Australia!

Where is the band simple plan now?

Right now they are in Australia

What is time in Australia now?

Pretty dumb question, but mate, it's exactly 9:25 pm in Canberra right now. You do know Google exists for a reason right?

Where is Matthew Mitcham right now?

Sydney Australia

What is the population of Australia right now?

6 million

What is the current time in Sidney Australia?

If I told you right now what time it was in Sydney, Australia, it wouldn't be accurate in just a minute. So if you live in, let's say Dallas, Sydney's time would be 15 hours after your time. If it's 2 PM Monday in Dallas, it will be 5 AM Tuesday in Australia.

What is the time in Adelaide Australia now?


Where is Bam margera right now?

Perth, Western Australia.

Is it winter or summer in Australia right now?

Now on January 10 2010 at 10 44 PM it is Summer in all regions of Australia.

What time is it in Chicago right now?

Right now it is 1 AM in Chicago

What time is it in Iceland right now?

As of right now it is 6:00 o'clock, And when i answered this question it was 12 in my time which is central time

What is the time on the west coast right now?

Right now, it is about 7:30am.

Where are Backstreet Boys now?

Right now? On tour, more precisely in Australia. 18 May 2012

If you telephone Perth Australia from London now what is the time in Perth?

australia is 7 hours ahead

Can you show me where in Australia my friend wilfredo aldover leaving right now?

This is aldover, who is this

Australia or England in cricket which is better?

In depends on what year but right now its England

What time is it in Bolder Colorado right now?

Right now, it's 10:38 AM

What is the time in Ontario Canada Right Now?

Right now it is 4:14 pm.

How many numbats live in Australia right now?

Current estimates for numbats in Australia put the figure at around 1500.

When was the last time Australia won the world cup?

Until now, Australia has not won a single Fifa.

What time is it NOW in Sydney NSW Australia?

Sydney time is GMT + 10 hours.