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Q: What time of day is the last quarter moon at its highest point?
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What is the phase of the moon at the highest point at sunrise?

Could be anything, the two phenomena are not connected. If you meant, what is the phase of the moon when it is at its highest point at sunrise, the answer is it is approximately at 3rd quarter, a half moon facing east.

Which is half moon either first quarter or last quarter?

Both the 1st Quarter moon and the 3rd (last) Quarter moon can be referred to as the "half moon" since we see half of the sunlit side of the moon.

What is the pattern of moon phases?

first is the full moon then it is the last quarter then it is the new moon and the last one is the first quarter

List the four theories of the moon's formation?

Full moon,New moon,First quarter,Third quarter or Last quarter.

How many fases of the moon is their?

4. new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter

When does the last quarter moon occur?

When the moon has already past full moon stage, and is again at "half moon" stage, that is last quarter, about 21 days after new moon.

What comes after gibbous moon?

Last Quarter Moon

What comes after a full moon?

last quarter moon

What is the last quarter of a moon?

This is when the moon is half visible

Show you pictures of the moon the phases in order?

new moon first quarter moon full moon last quarter moon

When is a full moon at its highest in the sky?

The exact time the moon reaches it's highest point in the sky varies with the moon's phases, but using the four major moon phases as an example, the New Moon is highest at noon, First Quarter is highest at sunset, Full Moon is highest at midnight and Third Quarter is highest at sunrise.

What is after full moon?

Last quarter moon comes after the full moon