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If you go to middle school by bus you should wake up around 7am or 7:30am. But if your car den you could wake up around 8am only if you get ready fast. if not wake up round 7am.if ur walker den i say around 7:15. Good luck! ;b

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It depends on what time school starts... Well, whatever time the school starts, wake up about an hour before that do you have plenty of time to get completely ready.

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5:00 am - 6:00 am

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Q: What time should you wake up for school?
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How do you go to school on time?

You wake up on time and go to school.

When should you get up?

Well on school days if you have to be at school at 8:00 you should wake up at 7:00 oklock or if its at school day and you have to be at school at 9:00 in school you should wake up at 8:09 or if you had to be in school at 7:40 or somthing like that you should wake up at 6:25 if it is not a school day sleep in till you cant.

How do you get your teen to wake up for school?

give her/him a alarm to that time that they have to wake up or tell them to sleep early so they will wake up easier in the morning!

What time should children go to sleep when school is out?

They should go to sleep at 9:30 PM, and then wake up at 8:00 AM.

What is the healthy time to wake up if you go to sleep at 800- 830 and your 11?

that's great question to ask because i am just like you so if u sleep alot u should wake up at 11:00 if not than wake up at 6:00 At your age you should get about10 HRS sleep, as you are still growing.7AM ought to be enough time for you to wake up and go to school.

What time do spanish people wake up?

There is no specific time that all Spanish people wake up. It depends on their job, household situation, school, etc.

What time should an 11 year old wake up if they go to bed at 11?

i belive they should be woke up at 7:15 so that way they have time to get ready for school but you also have to keep then on a schedule

What time should you wake up to hunt a fox?

You should wake up at around 3 a.m early in the morning when it has just taken its rest.

How can you make your kids go to bed on time?

Give them consequences for not going to bed on time, if in elementary school. If they are in middle school or high school leave them to go to bed whenever they want. Then in the morning, if they expect you to wake them up, don't wake them. This will teach them to go to bed early and so they can wake up early.

What do you do from the time you wake up o the time you leave for school? breakfast and bath la. then?

Why should kids wake up early in the morning for school?

its because if we wake up in the after noon we wouldn't wont to do any thing because we wouldn't wont to play and hang out with friends PS. i think we should have to wake up at 9:00 and get to school at 10:00 and get out at 3:00 but that's just me NEBOOSKIIEEHH ;*

If you go to sleep at 12A.M. what time should you wake up?

Well, the number of hours you should sleep is 9 hours. So you should wake up at 9:00 AM. :-D