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What time when Titanic sank?

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titanic sank at 2:20am.2 hrs 40 mins after the collision.

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What time was it when the Titanic?

What time was it when the Titanic what? If you're looking for sank, it sank at 2:20 in the morning.

What was the time when titanic sank?


When or what time did the titanic sank?

the year 2012 :)

What year was the Titanic sank?

Titanic sank in the year 1912

Titanic sank in what year?

titanic sank in 1912

Who sank first Titanic or Britannic?

The Titanic sank in 1912 And the Britannic sank in 1916

Which president sank in titanic?

No president drowned when the Titanic sank.

Which ocean did Titanic sank in?

The Atlantic Ocean is what the Titanic sank in.

Was ocean was the Titanic on when it sank?

Titanic sank in the Atlantic ocean.

What time of the day did the titanic sink?

The Titanic sank in April, 1912. Close to midnight.

How many children were on the Titanic when it sank?

There was 108 children on the Titanic when it sank

Where was Titanic going to when it sank?

Titanic was heading to New York when she sank.

What ocean is Titanic sank?

map of the Atlantic ocean where the titanic sank

What see did the Titanic ship sank?

The Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean.

What is the conflict in the story in the titanic?

The Titanic sank and there was lots of people killed during and after the Titanic sank.

Time the Titanic sank?

April 15,1912. 2:20am.

How many pounds of of ham were on the titanic at the time that it sank?


Did they ever make a titanic 3?

No it sank the first time

Who was the president at the time when the titanic sank?

William H. Taft

What age was Helen Candee at the time the titanic sank?

She was 34

How long has it been since the titanic sank?

Titanic sailed (and sank) in 1912.

Was it a starry night when the Titanic sank?

yes, it was a clear night when the titanic sank.

What happened has the Titanic sank?

The Titanic sank because of a basic steering blunder.

What time did the Titanic fully sank?

It fully sank at 2:20. If you don't believe me type it in

What was the amount of time taken to get to the place where the titanic sank?

It took two days (48 hours) to get to the point where the epic Titanic sank due to crashing into the iceberg.