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Some tissue in the body is made of fat. Many more are not. The tissue that has fat cells is called adipose tissue. It stores "food" for later use, insulates and acts as a protector..

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Q: What tissue is commonly known as fat?
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Another name for fat?

According to one of my professors, it is adipose tissue. Blubber.

Is adipose a connective tissue?

Yes adipose, also known as fat, is a loose connective tissue.

Which type of dermal tissue is commonly known as bark?


What are some compounds commonly known as fat and oil?

Lipids are important part of the diet because they are a source of high energy. Lipids are compounds that are commonly known as fat and oil.

What is the difference between adipose tissue and cartilage?

Adipose tissue, more commonly known as fat, stores caloric energy which can be used to supplement dietary calories if needed, in lean times. Cartilage is a type of connective tissue which helps to construct joints and some other structures in the body.

What is obeisty?

obesity, is being severely overweight. commonly known as "fat" :)

What type of tissue is fat?

Fat is adipose tissue which is a connective tissue.

Which tissue that stores fat in our body?

Adipose (fat) tissue. Fat can also be deposited in muscle; with a disease such as muscular dystrophy or on organs like the liver with liver damage. There is a type of fat (brown) which exists on or around internal organs, and subcutaneous fat which is underneath the the out layers of skin.

What is terminology for abnormal tissue development?

Dysphrasia (or more commonly known as: dysplasia)

Which gland produces leptin?

fat tissue or adipose tissue

Is fat an adipose tissue?

Yes, adipose tissue is another name for fatty tissue.

What is kylephobia?

Kylephobia is a fear of short, fat penis' - more commonly known as choads.