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First, when you're out of your Hiding Place, search for ANY family member(s), then wait intill Fire-Trucks, Police Cars, etc. arrives, and then ask them to dig ANY family member that is underneth. There's not much to do after this

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Q: What to do after a tornado?
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Related questions

When is a tornado considered a tornado?

A tornado is considered a tornado when it reaches the ground

Is the haboob tornado a tornado?

No, a haboob is not a tornado.

When does a tornado actually become a tornado?

A tornado becomes a tornado when the circulation reaches the ground.

When a tornado is spotted what is the warning that is put out?

when a tornado is spotted a tornado warning is put out. If it is a large tornado a tornado emergency may be issued.

Is a tornado a living thing?

No, a tornado is a vortex of wind.

What is a tornado watch and a tornado warning?

A tornado watch is a watch that is watching out for tornadoes. A tornado warning is a warning That lets you know that a tornado is spotted.

Can you stop a tornado with another tornado?

No, you cannot stop a tornado with another tornado. The two tornadoes would simply merge and form a larger tornado.

What is a tornado alarm?

A tornado alarm or tornado siren is a loud siren found in some tornado prone areas that sounds when a tornado warning is issued.

How do you say tornado in Portuguese?

tornado in Portuguese is tornado too

Did Baltimore have a tornado before?

Yes. Baltimore was hit by an F2 tornado in 1973, an F0 tornado in 1996, an EF1 tornado in 2010, and an EF0 tornado in 2013.

Why is a tornado warning more urgent than a tornado watch?

I used to live in Tornado Alley... a tornado watch means that the weather conditions mean it is very likely that a tornado will form in an area. A tornado warning means a tornado has touched down nearby.

What is a difference between a tornado drill and a tornado warning?

A tornado drill is like a fire drill but for tornadoes: practice for the possibility of a tornado. A tornado warning means that a tornado has been detected or is likely to form soon.

What is a tornado emergency?

A tornado emergency is a special kind of tornado warning that is issued when a large tornado is threatening a populated area. A tornado emergency indicates a more dangerous situation than an ordinary tornado warning.

Was the 1999 Oklahoma tornado part of tornado alley?

The Oklahoma City tornado of 1999 occurred in Tornado Alley, but so is every tornado in the central part of Oklahoma.

Does the vortex of a tornado affect the size?

Yes. The vortex of a tornado is the tornado.

What is the calmest part in a Tornado?

The eye of the tornado is the calmest part of a tornado.

What does spawn a tornado mean?

When a storm spawns a tornado it produce a tornado.

Is tornado a verb?

No. Tornado is a noun. As in "The tornado destroyed many homes."

How do you know when a tornado is near?

If there is a tornado then the National Weather Service will issue a tornado waring saying a tornado has been detected.

What is a tornado made of air?

A tornado made of air is a tornado. Part of the definition of a tornado is "a violently rotating column of air."

Does a tornado warning mean a tornado has been sighted?

Sometimes. A tornado warning means that a tornado has been spotted, detected by radar, or a storm is likely to produce a tornado soon.

Does a tornado watch mean a tornado has been sighted?

No. A tornado watch means conditions in the region are favorable for tornadoes to form. If a tornado has been spotted then a tornado waring is issued.

If a tornado have been seen is that a tornado watch?

No, a tornado watch is issued when the general weather conditions can produces tornadoes. If a tornado is spotted a tornado warning is issued.

What was the category of the worst tornado?

The worst tornado in U.S. history, the Tri-State tornado, was an F5. The worst tornado in the world was the Daultapur/Saturia Bangladesh tornado of April 25 1989. The intensity of this tornado is unknown.

How big is the average tornado in tornado alley?

The Average tornado is 50 yards wide, though they tend to be bigger in Tornado Alley. The largest tornado ever recorded in Tornado Alley, or anywhere else for that matter, was the Hallam, Nebraska tornado which was 2.5 miles wide.