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First separate the male from the kits (he will eat them) then leave the mother and kits alone, if she feels threatened she will not feed them and the kits will die.

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2010-12-02 00:50:01
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Q: What to do after the bunny has babies?
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What happens if you get 1 boy bunny and a girl bunny?

they can mate and have babies

What happens if a lop eared bunny and a normal sticky up eared bunny have babies would the babies have ears that stick out?

The babies can have ears like both parents.

Can a floopy and a regular bunny have babies?


Where is Mama Bunny's Missing Babies?

Mama Bunny is on Hare Isle, in the right "ear", just below the first tree you'll see.Can someone tel me where Mama Bunny's BABIES are? -- Thanks

When can you put the father bunny back with the babies?

you should not put the father bunny back with mother bunny and the babies because the father can mate with the mother again and it is not healthy for the mother since she just had a litter of babies i prefer to get your bunny neutered so that the mother the father and the baby bunnies can enjoy being a family again

How many babies will a bunny have on their first litter?


Does a female bunny have to have a male bunny around to have babies?

Yes. Unlike chickens, female bunnies need male bunny sperm to reproduce.

How long does it take a bunny to have babies?

It takes 28-31 days until a baby bunny is born.

Is it ok if your rabbit never has a baby?

It is ok because if the bunny do not have a mate then there will not be any babies. If the bunny do have a mate then it is still ok because it will not harm the bunny.

Does it mean a bunny is going to have babies if nipples are large?


How long does a bunny take to have babies?

about one month after she getspregnant

Is a female bunny bigger than a male bunny?

Usually. She needs to be able to have babies, so she needs to be bigger.

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