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you sit them on the ground fro the dog. he will dig a hole. you will see a piece of the time capsule. pull it out.

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Where do you get the peanutbutter crackers on bignate?

Go to the playground. then go in the clubhouse and beat nate in hangman,and there you have it.

How do you get the chest out of the hole in poptropica big nate island?

You give spitzy a cracker right in between the slides. You get the crackers by beating Nate in the football game.

In poptropica big nate island how to you get peaunut butter crackers?

when you go to the playground go up high you will see a place and go in it and play hangman and then you will get the peanut butter crackers

On poptropica how do you get the dog to follow you?

use the peanut crackers you got from Nate

How do you get the dog on Big Nate Island on poptropica?

You dont get the dog! You just get the Peanut Butter Crackers by playing hangman and press Use when you are in bweeteen the two poles!

Poptropica big nate how to get the dog buscuits?

first they are not dog buscuits they are peanut butter crackers you have to beat nate in a hangman game

What number is Big Nate Island from the top?

Big Nate Island on the Poptropica map is the 9th from the top.

Were to get peanut butter crackers in Big Nate island?

You win it at the hangout place in the playground when you play with Nate.

How do i dig in the playground in big nate island poptropica?

you have to win the graham crackers by winning table football in the clubhouse. then you put them on the ground in the spot you want the dog to dig.

What is the funnest island on Poptropica?

In my opinion Big Nate island is the best.

Where is the light house on Poptropica big nate?

the light house on poptropica is on the island

What is the walkthorugh for big nate on Poptropica?

Go on Youtube, type in "Poptropica Big Nate Island Walkthrough", and you will find tons of results.

How you get food in poptropica?

There is coconut milk on Shark Tooth Island, and a hot dog on Super Power Island. Sadly, all the pretzel vendors seem to be out. The peanut butter crackers on Big Nate Island are stale, but the dog likes them.

In poptropica how do you get the girl out of the way on big nate island?

Turn on the light house which will trigger the seagull to go away put the bell tong in the bell ring the bell the girls go away get the crackers put the crackers where the girls were the dog will come dig in that area and you finish big nate isaland

Do you get bigger in big nate island in poptropica?

no they just call him big nate cause he lookes big on the island picture.

Where is the capsule in Poptropica?

The capsule is beneath the school girls on Big Nate Island Poptropica.

Were is the lighthouse in poptropica?

At Big Nate Island. You have to keep going right on the island.

Where is the comics on big nate island poptropica?

they're in random places on the island

What are the crackers for on big Nate island?

They are to get the dog to dig up the time capsule .

How do you get the capsile out of the mud on Big Nate island?

Have the dog dig it out. (Get it to dig with the crackers)

What island was after Big Nate Island on Poptropica?

Big Nate Island was released in February, 2009, and followed by Astro Knights Island in June, 2009.The island after Big Nate island was Astro Knights island in June, 2009.

What island was after nabooti island on Poptropica?

The 7th island of Poptropica, Nabooti Island (December 2008) was followed by the 8th island, Big Nate island, in February 2009.

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