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Go for it. If you have a chance, she probably likes you too. But don't play any games. If your friends say you have a chance and like you like her make that chance a reality

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How do you tell him you like him more than friends?

come straight out with it. all he can say is no but its 50-50! i say go for it! take a chance girl!

Is there a way to ask a girl if she likes you without implying that you like her?

JUST ASK SHE WILL TELL U UNLESS SHE IS SHY BUT TAKE A CHANCE AND DON'T LISTEN 2 STUPID PEOPLE What???I Am A Girl I Say You Should Straight Out Say You Like Her And Say Do You Like Me And Give He Time To Think And Have Girl Time With Her Friends I Don't Think There Is Any Way Of Asking A Girl Do You Like Me With Out Them Thinking You Like Them

Is juston bieber a girl?

no he is a boy but my friends say that he sings like a girl

Lets say there this girl that i like can i go up to her and say hello can we be friends or will that be super awkward?

If you like a girl it would not be a problem to go up to her and say hello. You could become friends maybe even more than friends.

What does it mea n when a girl asks you if you like her?

either it is a dare but even if it is if you say you like her and you are popular say that you like her and 90 percent chance of love

If your shy how do you talk to a girl if your shy but your friends what do you say?

tell the girl how you feel about her she will like you in the same way!

What do you do if your 2 best friends like the same girl that you like.?

Answer I'd say go for it, what have you to loose.

I really like this girl at school and we are friends though she fancies my best friend and he doesn't want her not sure what to do?

Tell her that you like her and then maybe she will give you a chance at a relationship. the worst that can happen is she'll say no and it will be awkward (no pressure).

What to say to a girl that you are friends with but want to be more I'm A dude?

Tell her that you really like her more than friends (:

You and this girl are friends you went out before but now your just friends you like her now how do you ask her out?

You say to her. I really have feelings for you still. I've loved being friends with you and now I think its time to take our relationship s little further. Will you please give me another chance?

What happens if a girl is turned on?

If you like her, ask her out,if she doesn't,and she asks you out say,sorry,no,we can be friends

What should you say to a girl that is affended that you like her?

being a girl i would know, she probably does like you it is just her friends that are in the way. if she is away from her friends tell her she is beautiful. my word of advice... hope u get her

Should you ask him to be friends if you think you like someone?

i would. if your not friends and you just ask him out then most likely he will say no, but if you get to know him better, then you have a better chance.

What should you do if there is a girl you really like but you're really good friends?

I would ask her out if i were you, the worst thing she can do is say no, right? If she does say no ask her if you can still be friends.

How do you talk to the new girl at school That I do not knowhas many friends?

just go and say hi my names _______. would you like to be friends

What happens if you like a girl but she does not like you?

Well im a girl and i have had guys like me and ask me out and i have turned them down..... so if i girl has done that to you i am so very sorry but we girls do feel bad about. We would like to be friends...... well if you were friends b4 than yall should remain friends...... If you like a girl and she doesn't like you back and you guys arint friends then try to be friends.... say hi and get to no her friends. but don't follow her around much cause she might think your creepy and your a stalker but over time if you still like she might have learned to like you and you should totally ask her cause the worse she could do is say no and theres a billion other girls waiting for you

How do tell her you like her?

Im a girl so what i would want is him so come up to me and say i like her there is a big chance she likes you too

What should your friends say to your crush about you?

they should say who you are like smart funny nice down to earth city girl mean i don't know but they should say who you really are they are your friends they should KNOW YOU

What do you do if the best friend of the girl you like asks you out?

say sorry im interested in ur friend but can we be friends

How can you tell if your friend to the girl you like you like her and she knows and is talk about you to her friends but they say nothing back to you?

Most likely she has told her friends not to tell you anything. She may like you but is shy or she doesn't like you at all.

Does a fat girl ever have a chance with a kind boy?

It all depends on the boy and if they like u or not but I would say yes

What can you talk to a girl about who you like?

well first start out as friends and make sure she can keep secerts not break them. then after you know that you are her friend and she wont say anything. tell her and maybe she can help you out.if the girl you are asking is the girl you like then talk to one of her friends that can keep a secert.

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