What to do if you miss an interview at the job center?

Don't want to be a downer, but it's most likely you won't be reconsidered for the job or another interview right away. If you miss a job interview, that just shows that you might do terrible on your actual job, be late, not prioritize, and just shows how little you want the job.

What you can do is:

1. If you have a real and logical reason why you were late, try going in person or call the hiring manager and explain your reason for being late.

2. If you're a few minutes late to the interview, try to at least be there and see if they'll still accept the interview or if you can schedule a new one.

3. Last resort, just call them/go in-person and hope for the best to schedule an interview. You will probably have to really show and prove to them that you're willing and able to do well in the job if you really want it.