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Try again if not, leave it be.

With an iPad you would turn the whole thing off, then restart. It should work then.

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Q: What to do if you slide the bar across the i pod touch and it does not go along with your finger?
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How do you unlocked my iPod Touch?

put in the code or slide your finger across it.

How do you use iPod?

if it is a touch screen than you use your finger and slide it across the board. if it is a shuffle than use the buttons

How do you scroll up and down on an iPad?

Drag your finger up on the iPod touch.

How can the text get larger on iPod touch?

You can increase the text size on an iPod Touch by going to Settings, then selecting Display & Brightness, followed by Text Size. From there, slide the bar to adjust the text size to your preference.

How do delete textplus conversations for iPod touch?

Slide across the conversation, then press delete

On a guitar what is the touch strip?

It is used to perform certain 'tap sections' in the latest games. These are sections of the song you are playing in which you can slide your finger along the strip to play the strings of notes on screen without having to strum in between.

How do you open i pod touch?

Press the button on the top of the screen or press the button below the screen then when it says slide here just slide it across.

How you delete songs on an iPod touch?

Go to songs and swipe your finger across the song you want deleted

How do you move apps on a Ipod touch?

You hold down the app with your finger and slide it to move it to any place you like. I hope this was helpful.

How do you turn of the ipod touch?

hold down power button and it will come up wwith a red slide saying "slide to turn off", slide it along and badaboom it will turn off

How do you delete videos on the ipod touch?

slide your finger left on the title of the video then you wil see a red button sayin delete press that!!

How do you change the slide on the iPod touch?

to change the slide on a ipod touch you have to jailbreak it