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Bring up your concerns with the girlfriend. Perhaps even at this point, you can make amends. Be patient and give her the freedom to talk.

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Show her that u really care about her,do what she wants 2 do ,get this right you will be home free!!!!!!

Dump him first, if he was your soul mate you would ever have to think he is going to leave you. If you think this then he is obviously nothing special. x

Be there for her and support her. DO NOT FRECKEN DUMP HER!

He never had a girlfriend so he could never dump 1.

Most likely he is worried his girlfriend is going to dump him, so figures if she doesn't see him, she can't dump him.

idk i think that u have to know him really well and make him dump his girlfriend and also make him like, like u as who u r . P.S. don't say to him "DUMP YOUR GIRLFRIEND FOR ME DO IT NOW OK?"

dump the new girlfriend and go back to the old never know when you two are going to catch up some i right or am i right?

If she knows and you haven't confessed to her I think you should since she knows and then expect her to dump your butt

Tell his girlfriend or tell him to dump her for you

Smosh - 2006 How to Dump Your Girlfriend was released on: USA: 4 June 2011

Kick her to the curb,dump that girl like a dump truck.

try and make her dump you if that dosent work then no there is no way

You dump them, if you REALLY liked your girlfriend\boyfriend. You wouldn't have liked the other person Save

You have to call her really early and she will get mad and dump you.

dump her and dump her goood becase she smells like yo momma

You fear that she will dump you because you do not have confedence in your relationship

You DUMP him!! just dump your boyfriend and make him feel bad. ;)

i think Taylor swift is going out with him

DUMP HIM and then tell his girlfriend what he was doing

just say its O........V.......A

No, not automatically. She is your girlfriend if you think she is, and she thinks she is. Just going out for pizza and a movie does not make someone your girlfriend / boyfriend; that's just dinner and a movie.

Tell your friend to dump him so even if he as going to dump her she won't be heartbroken.

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