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look inside your tank and see that the toilet bowl fill tube is connected and flowing with water when flushed. the fill tube is a 1/4-3/8" tube that is connected to the fill valve to the overflow and it should be spraying water down the overflow when the fill valve is filling.


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Why is there already water in toilet bowls?

Under what circumstance? New toilet, when you turn the water on, water goes down the overflow tube to fill the bowl. You don't have to flush it the first time to fill the bowl.

Why does the toilet bowl not fill up all the way after a flush?

Inside the toilet tank there should be a small hose off of the fill valve that should be clipped to the inside of the fill tube to allow water to fill the bowl while it refills the tank after flushing.

Can dogs drink toilet water?

My little dog did when I unfortunately forgot to fill its water bowl! But fortunately the toilet had been flushed and the water was RELATIVELY clean.

How do you plug a toilet bowl so it can be filled with water and vinegar?

Fill a small balloon with water and ease it into place.

How much water does it take to fill a toilet bowl?

Usually about 6 litres in modern toilets.

How much water do you put in a small fish bowl?

enough to fill a large fish bowl

Why does the toilet bowl fill but the tank does not?

Sounds like the flap that allows water to enter the bowl from the tank, isn't sealing. If this is true, the water will be constantly running.

Why does the toilet bowl not fill up with water?

the toilet bowl will fill the bowl to a specific level to allow the trap to work properly and once the tank is done filling then you should have no water running into the bowl. To test and see if your tank is leaking into your bowl just put a few drops of food coloring in your filled tank and if you see the color in your bowl then you most likely have a leaky flapper or flush valve or can be your height of your tank water is to high and its running through the overflow or the fill valve is syphoning.

What should you do if the tank bowl will not fill and the water keeps going through the overflow tube into the toilet bowl?

Buy a new toilet. The trap in the toilet probably has a crack in it allowing the water in the bowl to leak out.ANS 2 - Have you carefully inspected the bowl for cracks ? - Please do this first, before rushing out and wasting money. There may be other reasons for this/

Why doesn't the toilet bowl fill after flush?

Refill tube not connected /working.Float valve stuck or water turned off

What is the problem when you flush the toilet the bowl does not fill back up?

Most likely, the problem is in the cistern (the thing behind the toilet bowl with the handle in it). If you think it's obstructed, lift the lid on the cistern and see if you can see why; otherwise, fill a bucket with water and pour it quickly into the bowl. That flushes the toilet and will serve until you can get a plumber to deal with the cistern. It will also help to keep the risk of disease low.

Why does toilet bowl water fill up with milky color but tank is clear water?

Because the water is see through and a toilet bowl colour is white/milky and a tank is also see through so the water is see through. Thhe water colour appearance is due to the colour influence of the container it's in.

Toilet flushes but the water swirl around the bowl?

Bowl fills up but doesn't go down? The toilet or the drain is probably plugged. Try using a plunger on it or fill a 5 gallon bucket with water and pour it into the bowl as fast as you can without causing the bowl to overflow. A lot of the time, this will flush out the line because that is 3 or 4 times the volume of water that is normally used.

Two of water might fill a fish bowl?

Two litres of water might fill a fish bowl.

Why will toilet fill with water but won't flush?

because it is clogged If a toilet has a blockage it will over flowWhen you say the toilet will fill are you talking about the tank?

How do you fill a bowl of water on runescape?

Get/Make a bowl, then use it either on a sink, tap or a fountain to fill it up with water.

What causes the toilet bowl not fill all the way up after flushing?

That means that your toilet is clogged, or your toilet was clogged and you need to just flush once more.

How do you care for a pet lizard?

Fedd it,make sure it gets enough warmth,make sure you fill it's bowl of water often,and make sure you clean the bowl the water is in

Is is safe to put goldfish in a plastic bowl?

As long as that plastic bowl is large enough to fit in x amount of fish you have and you fill it with an appropriate amount of water.

Why does the toilet bowl fill all the way up when I flush it and then slowly drains leaving behind matter?

Plunge it ...it's stopped up. Make sure there's enough water to cover the bulb of the plunger, arrange the plunger bulb in the bottom of the toilet and give it one or two hard shoves....that should do it

How do you give a land hermit crab a bath?

You fill the water bowl ( or any water pond thingy you have ) enough for the crabs completely submerge but not enough that they drown. They will bath them selves as they feel needed.

How do you adjust the water level in the bowl of a water closet?

If you are talking about a low water level, this usually can be adjusted by insuring the fill line from the ball-cock (fill valve) is not clogged. This runs water into the overflow tube inside your tank and insures there is enough water in the bowl to create a seal and prevent sewer gas from comming up through the water closet. If you want less water in the bowl, this is usually regulated by the manufacturer of the water closet by the height of the "S Trap" molded into the bowl.

Why would a toilet when flushed fill the bowl completely of water and then the bath plug hole would bubble up with water?

It's possible that you have a blockage, on the toilet line and the water is coming up in the tub to alleviate pressure. Or, your vent may be clogged causing what is called back syphonage, causing the water not to push out.

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