What to do in Goa in July?

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In Goa, Mumbai
July means rain... that's what its all bout....

But Goa is the place to be when it pours man.... This is the best time to visit Goa for reasons unheard by tourist who travel to Goa during the crappy on season.

It rich green and blue and the sky i full of snow white clouds....
the sea is crazy (of course u cant swim! what are the swimming pools for than??)

U have no tourist around and that's the reason that hotels are cheap (that also means that the beaches are cleaner...)

The finest drinks would put u right in less than no time and the absence of neccesity of thought would restore mental equillibrium.

trust me it cant get better than July
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What dress were in Goa?

Navari saris are popular native attire in Goa. For visitors cottonsummer clothing and beachwear is popular.

Where is goa situated?

Located in West India in the region known as the Konkan, it is bounded by the state of Maharashtra to the north, and by Karnataka to the east and south, while the Arabian Sea forms its western coast.

Where is Goa?

Goa is a smallest state of India by area which is located in west Indian region known as Konkan. Its neighbours are Maharashtra to the north, and Karnataka to the east and Arabian Sea forms its western coast. Panji is the capital of Goa. Goa is mainly famous for tourism. It is also called the beach ( Full Answer )

How far is Goa from Bombay?

There are several roads joining Mumbai and Goa. They are as follows: 1. Mumbai-Panvel-Pen-Mahad-Chiplun-Hathkhamba-Lanja-Rajapur-Kankavli-Kudal-Savantwadi-Patradevi(Goa Border)-Mapusa-Panjim. Total journey-570kms Route- Take NH 4 till Panvel, Then NH 17 till Goa. 2. Mumbai-Panvel-Pune-Satara-K ( Full Answer )

What do Goa people wear?

How can you answer what a million + people wear? They dont all wear the same lol. Generally speaking the males wear trousers and shirts and the women wear loose fitting Indian style clothes. Most adult Goans do not wear shorts when in town (if at all) Sadhus wear very little.

Where to stay in goa?

If you want a nice comfortable stay in Goa at nominal rates, especially in South Goa, Colva beach area is ideal as it is central to most beaches in the south.. Instead of expensive hotels you could always check out some good , clean and spacious accomodation at a fraction of the hotel cost. The ans ( Full Answer )

Goa to mumbai?

Goa is around 582 kms from Mumbai and usually reachable after an overnight journey by bus or a 10 hrs journey by Konkan Railway

How far from calungute goa to candolim goa?

The distance is approximately 3.5 Km. You can reach there by bike, public transport or even by foot. (Walking takes 45 to 60 mins) More information on Goa check: www.goadefunk.com

What is the capital of Goa?

Panaji, also known as Panjim, is the capital of the state of Goain India, although the town of Mapusa is larger/busier.

How was the Dudhsagar waterfall in Goa formed?

The Dudhsagar waterfall in Geo was formed by the strong monsoons which hit the area. The water flows over the overlook more than 400 feet above the waterbed below

When is the best timt to go to goa?

Most people visit Goa around October - March I think. Outside of these months its monsoon season which apart from being pretty wet, lots of things close down totally. Christmas is very popular in Goa (main religion there is Christianity)

What was the ancient name of goa?

Goa has had several names in olden times. Goparashtra was surely not one of them. the names were. Govapuri. Gopakapattinam. Gomantak. for anything on Goa visit. http://goacom.blogspot.com

What is Goa like?

its amazing. yes some places its a bit dirty.. but its 3 wrld country.the people are soo friendlyy.the beaches are great,sinquerim beach is gorgeous. baga is a place for partys. south goa is all posh hotels, very clean, costs alot to get into a hotel there. but when u get there its cheap.its basical ( Full Answer )

How far to Goa?

Not very far, I guess. Actually, depends on 'where from' one wants to reach Goa.

How do you get a visa for Goa?

Goa is part of India. Go to the Indian embassy and apply for a visa for Goa. For anything on Goa visit http://goacom.blogspot.com

When did Goa get its independence?

1947 when the whole country : India got its independence It is stated that by 2012 Balochistan will be free from Pakistan by US secretary

Goa used to be a colony of which nation?

Goa used to be a colony of Portugal. Portugal is in Eastern Europe by Spain. And Goa is a city in Margao which is a state of India .

What was Goa famous for?

Goa is very well know for its Vacation. It is a very good tourist spot, which attracts tourists all over the world.

Where is tapobhumi goa?

Tapobhoomi is in ponda taluka in village kundaim on main road of ponda-panjim national highway.opposite to kundaim industrial estate. Beautifull place where samadhi sthan of gomantak vibhushan sadguru brahmanand swamiji. Its an spiritual the only muth in goa with wide range of followers spre ( Full Answer )

Is Delhi smaller than Goa?

Yes. Delhi is smaller than Goa in terms of area. The area of Delhi is only 1484 sq.Km while the area of Goa is around 3702 sq. Km. Goa is known for its tourism industry and known as beach capital of India.

Why is the goa beach is famous?

Goa is famous because of its sun kissed beaches dotted with swaying coconut trees, exotic resorts near beaches and profound pollution free environment. You can also enjoy water sports in the wave of Arabian sea. Not only from India but also from all over the world people come to Goa to enjoy the nat ( Full Answer )

Information on tourism in goa in details?

The main industry of Goa is tourism. With beautiful beaches and splendorous architectural o f its churches, temples, wildlife and water sports; Goa attracts nearly 13% of foreign tourist of total foreigner tourist arrival in India. The best season for Goa tour is from last October to May. The beac ( Full Answer )

What trade does goa do?

they used to do Spices but then the Portuguese took over more specifically Alfonso de Albuquerque invaded the place with his cousin and tried to take over the spice trade.

Why do you feel so hot in goa?

hi, i am from goa bardez yes the climate is hot in summer may then ther is a lot rain in june july august and less in sep and even in oct lesser rain is there climate is very good in winter time so perfect that everone would want it forever you should know we are close to the equator but th ( Full Answer )

What is the clothing of goa?

Navari saris are popular native attire in Goa. For visitors cottonsummer clothing and beachwear is popular.

Where are the happening beaches in goa?

The happening beaches are in North Goa. Discotheques, Food Joints and Party Joints in nook and corner of North Goa is the prime reason for making it happening. Some of the famous Beaches in this part include Anjuna and Calangute Beach but the list is never ending.

How do you get there in goa?

There is barely one airport is in Goa and is in Dabolim that istermed Goa International Aiport. There are 3 main railway stationsin Goa are Madgaon or Margaon Railway Station, Vasco da GamaRailway Station, Thivim Railway Station. The main bus terminal isin Kadamba of Panaji, the capital of Goa. The ( Full Answer )

Is goa in rajasthan?

No Goa is not in Rajasthan . Goais a separate state which is located in the middle coast line ofIndia. Goa consists of several beaches and is an ideal location for Traveling and Touring .

Why does goa have a production of coconuts?

In goa there are lot of coconut trees so it has a lot of production of coconuts. Coconut trees grow if there roots have access to salty water. Besides the sea the water is salty so coconut trees grow and produce lot of coconuts

Can a tsunami take place in Goa?

I tsunami can take place by the sea. If you live inland, there is no need to worry about a tsunami.

What coulor goas well with blue?

some greens, red not black, unless the blue is truquoise subtle pink anything really , sliver gold

How do you write an essay on goa in Hindi?

Goa is the perfect place where you will find a blend of traditional and modern aspects of life. On one hand you have plush beaches and on the other hand you have the most natural landscapes that make you wonder if time ever touched this place. Goa is the perfect place to go on a sightseeing tour. Th ( Full Answer )

What special in goa?

Goa is the most famous and visited destination of India. The main attractions of Goa are its beautiful and romantic beaches, cultural events, its historical forts and holy churches, wildlife parks and many more.

What are the occupations of goa?

The main occupation of the people of Goa is Fishing and most of the Goans are fishermen. Now-a-days many people in Goa also contribute to the tourism industry by promoting their hotel s, beach resort s and giving houses for rent to the tourists in Goa. Some people also run restaurants that s ( Full Answer )

Is goa in Mumbai?

Goa is an Union Territory located to the south of Mumbai. It isaround 600 kilometers away from Mumbai.

Is Delhi bigger than Goa?

As of the latest census in 2012, New Delhi was noted as the 10th largest city in the world and the 2nd most populous in India, with a total population nearing 17 million residents. Goa's census revealed a population of 13,47,668

Where is Goa located in India?

Goa, India is located in the western part of the country in an area known as the Konkan. This area is located on the peninsula region of the country and boarders the ocean.

What is the flight time from Vienna to Goa?

The flight time for flights between the above places is 7 hours 44 mins This is an approximate travel time (calculated in ideal conditions. The travel speed is 500 mph and 30 mins for take off and landing). The actual time might change depending on the flight path chosen, weather conditions, etc

Which airlines have cheap flights to Goa?

There are many airlines offering cheap flights to Goa including but not limited to Cheapoair, Goa international airport and many airline sites offering you comparable and cheap prices.

How long is the flight to goa from England?

The flight time for flights between the above places is 10 hours This is an approximate travel time. The actual time might change depending on the flight path chosen, weather conditions, etc

What are cheap flights in GOA?

Cheap Flights is a website that allows travelers to purchase ticket prices for a low rate. Goa is a city located in India. Cheap Flights offers a limited amount of tickets to fly to Goa.

Which are the famous beaches in Goa?

Most of the people visit to Goa to enjoy world famous Sea beaches like Calangute (Called Queen of Beaches), Baga, Anjuna, Mandrem, Mobor, Colva etc. It is one of the most favorite tourist destination places for corporate group, Family tour, Student group etc. for more details visit (See related Link ( Full Answer )

How much does it cost for a wedding in goa?

It depend on the kind of wedding you want to have. If you are going to have beach wedding or destination wedding it will cost so much as compare to normal.