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You either change the subject or make up a reason to stop texting.

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Q: What to do when a texting convorsation get awkward?
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How can you help a teenager to be less socially awkward with texting and boys?

You can talk to her. Let her see the disadvantage of such habits.

How do you keep a conversation going?

By having something to talk about. Plus, texting is only for small talk. If you want to have a conversation you should call them or meet them. The bonus of texting is that their isn't an awkward pause when you run out of topics.

Does texting ruin communication skills?

Yes. Texting is used in place of what was once face-to-face communication. Now, most teens and young adults can't carry an interesting conversation for longer than about 5 minutes without feeling awkward.

What do i do if the guy i like knows that i like him and i think he's freaked out by it?

you talk about it to him. i know that's not what you want to do and it might be awkward but its the only way to really know how he feels about you, he might like you back. if that is way to awkward for you try bringing it up while texting him..

If a guy uses lol when texting you is he flirting with you?

From personal experience, not usually. If he uses "lol" he either just thought what was said is funny or he is using it to be friendly and not awkward.

Is ok for friends with benefits to ask if they enjoyed sex from the night they had it though text or while chatting?

If you feel it would get awkward through talking try texting it to them.

How do you start a convorsation with a girl if your a shy guy?

tell her she looks really nice, or ask her what she does for fun.(:

You finish texting when she says this is getting occward bye with a sad face next to it what does it mean?

Whatever that has been said by either you or her, it has become a little or a over-whelming sort of awkward, depending on what it was, I would wait a bit before texting or calling her again and talk about whatever happened in the text.

How do you talk to criss angel?

You talk to him like you would talk to a normal person say hi then start a convorsation.

What is a sentence with the word awkward?

Well, this is an awkward moment.She gave him an awkward stare.It was awkward sharing a bed with him.

How I girl to know me better even though she's my girlfriend?

hang out with her more! one on one. go to dinner and talk about stuff. if that or talking on the phone is awkward, texting is great way to communicate. you can ask each other stuff and not have to respond right away and its not awkward. but ask her questions about herself and then answer them too. childhood stories are a fun conversation topic

Awkward in a sentence?

i am awkward