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If it is refillable, you can buy a package of refills at any department or office suppies store. If not, you can buy another one and throw the other away.

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Why do pens stop working?

they run out of ink -_-

What age does the human male pens stop growing?

Pens never grow.

How many tannic acid present in cartridge ink?

Tannic acid is generally not used in modern inks at all, especially in inkjet printer cartridge inks as it can drop a sediment. It is, however, used in iron-gall type inks used by hobbyist in dip pens and certain fountain pens,

On a Browning A 5 shotgun What is acting as a cartridge stop when the bolt is closing on a cartridge?

You need a gunsmith.

How do you reset a lexmark printer ink cartridge can it be done so that you can refill instead of buying new?

Lexmark printer cartridges are often encoded to stop working after a certain number of sheets. A reputable ink refill store can reset the cartridge so that it can be used.

What are the cattleyards surrounding a farmhouse called?

Working pens, corral, "the pen".

How long ago did people stop using quill pens?

I am not using quill pens.1884 somebody invented the pen so they stoped!

Why is the black cartridge in my Epson Stylus TX650 not working?

becouse its get a virous

Has the time to answer the final jeopardy question changed?

No it has not. It has always been thirty seconds, and the light pens that are used by the contestants to write down their responses stop working at the end of the thirty allotted seconds.

Can you use Parker ink cartridges in lamy pens?

Yes they do , but you have to make sure the cartridge is firmly in and screws on properly otherwise it can affect the lamy pen.

If one lung stops working wil the onther stop working?

the other 1 does stop working NO it does not

What happens if brain stop working?

If the brain stop working,the whole system in body will stop functioning

How to make your printer stop bleeding ink?

Your print cartridge is most likely defective. You may need to take out the cartridge and put a new one in.

Will your heater stop working if the thermostat is not working?

Yes it will stop heating up...........

What pens did people use in the 1800's?

Steel pens were coming into use, but quill pens were still widely used and both had to be dipped in ink wells. There no fountain pens which carried their own ink supply. Artists used special dip pens and brushes for art work in ink. Fountain pens have been used since the 10th century, so yes, there were fountain pens in the 1800s. And they did have there own ink supply. In fact, vintage fountain pens, still working, can be found for sale for over $500.

What do you do if your Ace card 2 cartridge stops working in your D's?

You buy a new one.

Can you use Waterman ink cartridges in Parker pens?

No you cannot - the piercer to cartridge fit is different. If you compare the two you will see the difference at the end of the cartridges. Type your answer here...

Ciliated cells stop working?

Mucus can get into your lungs if your ciliated cells stop working.

What word means to stop working?

Quit, retire.Retire means to stop working.

When will a relay stop working?

It is possible for aÊrelay toÊstop working. A relay can overheat or stop working due to a shortage in the wiring.

What is the collective noun for pens?

Some collective nouns for pens are a set of pens, a case of pens, a supply or pens.

How do you stop sissys Blastoise in Pokemon naranja?

If you're playing on a cartridge, then I don't know what to tell you... Don't feel bad, though, my cartridge had Beta 1 too.

When would an electromagnet stop working?

An electromagnet would stop working when the electric current is interrupted

Are infrared pens and laser pens the same?

No they are not. The difference is the light. Laser pens will have the red shining light while the infrared pens won't have any visible light. The only way you will be able to tell if it's working (the infrared pen) is you have to test it against either a wiimote or camera lens for more information visit

Why cant a pencil be used in space?

Pens require gravity to work so they stop working in space. pencils are also not used because when we use it saw dust is produced and if it enters the electronics there is chance for the rocket to fail and explode.