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Ask her why she is avoiding u would be a start Try to confront her directly; if she won't see you, write her a note. It is her choice whether to respond or not.

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Word that means avoids responsibility?

Someone who avoids responsibility is a shirker.

Is there a religion that avoids rain?


What is a legal form that avoids taxation?

There is no legal form that avoids taxation. Perhaps a little more information on what you are looking for will allow me to give you a better answer.

When a girl you like avoids you?

when she avoids you, shes probably trying to see if you will follow her and try to get her back. ex, a guy likes a girl. the girl likes him, but she wants to test him. so she avoids him, to see if he'll beg her or something like that just to talk to her. :)

What is a luxurious boat?

one that avoids iceburgs

What is the meaning of teetotaller?

It is a person who avoids alcohol.

What avoids friction between bones?


What is a resistant reader?

It is someone who avoids reading.

What are the advantages of the stomata being in the bottom?

It's away from sunshine which avoids it drying out an dehydration. It also avoids being blocked by rain, water and dust.

What does it mean when someone avoids eye contact with you?

If someone avoids eye contact with you, it probably means that they are nervous. It could also me they are afraid of something or that you intimidate them.

What can happen when an artist avoids the use of emphasis in a work?

i think most artist avoids the use of emphasis in a work that's wat i think about the artist.

Covert this sentence into simple sentence Organic farming is a system which avoids the use of synthetic inputs?

Organic farming avoids the use of artificial fertilisers or chemicals.

What diet avoids excessive amounts of calories or any particular food or nutrient?

A diet avoids excessive amounts of calories or any particular food or nutrient

What is the definition of reclusive?

a person who avoids mixing with people.

Which avoids the consumption or use of animal products?


Why a firefly avoids a mosquito?

Don't you avoid mosquitoes?

Is there a herb avoids pregnancy?

not with any degree of reliability

How crayfish avoids predators?

It hides in rocks around it

How do you know when your wife is attracted to woman?

when she avoids your penis

What is a six letter word for stays away from?


What is a road which avoids going through a town called?

A bypass

What avoids the use of animal products?

I don't know about "what," but I can answer "who:" Vegans do.

What does a operation department do?

It avoids the company from getting f**ked

What does it mean if a girl flirts with you then avoids you?

it means when she liked you, you ignored her

What is a policy in which a nation avoids entanglement in foreign wars?


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