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you can always ask your friends mom to ask her or you can ask your moms spouse if she has one

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Q: What to do when yopu want to go to a friends house to sleepover but scared to ask your mom?
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How do you have a sleepover on Sims 3?

Click on the phone and find the words, "Call sim..." and then once you click on that look for the words, "invite over" and choose the sim's friends you want to invite over to your sim's house and once your sim's friends get to your sim's house click on one of the friends and click friendly and look for the words, "Want to come to sleepover" and see what the friends respond with.~I Hope I Helped You All That Need This Information~

Where can you go to play scary sleepover?

You really want to play scary sleepover? Then make friends with the creepy old neighbor who spends too much time at the park alone watching the young children. Ask him if you and your friends can sleep over at his house sometime. See how long you can go before it gets "too scary" and you run away screaming.

Excuses to say to not sleepover have dinner at a friends house wen u dont want to believable answers pls my friend is 13 btw and she doesn't want to sleepover or have dinner somewhere?

It is always good to just be polite but honest. Thank your friend for the invitation but say you are not able to make it. At any age, it is always best to be direct but polite.

Why do kids use phones at young ages?

probably because they are jelous of their older siblings. or sometimes its because their parent want them to own one so when they leave to like a sleepover at friends house they can call.

How do you ask a guy if you can come over to his house?

beat around the bush until he ask do you want to meet him and you say yes

You don't like haunted houses you don't want your friends to think you are chicken what should you do?

you tell them. "I don't want to go inside that house'. If they don't accept that you are scared, then they aren't really your friends. But If you don'y care if they're your friends or not, and you just want to impress them and they just happen to think of that specific idea..... then you're in trouble. jaja!! :-)

Should i Wear a diaper to a sleepover?

It depends on your age, whether you normally wear a nappy at home as you are a bed-wetter, and do you really want your friends to know that you still wear a nappy? Only you can decide - if in doubt, don't sleepover.

I dont want to go to your friends sleepover what should you do?

Tell them straight up that you don't want to go, that your not into those kinds of things, or that you just don't feel up to it. If there really your friends, they will respect your decision and not hold it against you.

What to do if you want a sleepover with your friend but they don't want to have a sleepover don't?

Don't be too upset, it may be that your friend's parents are the ones who don't want sleepovers.

How can i tell my parents that im pregnant?

If you are a teenager then what you need to do is write a note then ask to go to your friends house for a sleepover then they will find the note and want to call you but let them blow off a little steam then come home and talk about it. If you are over being a teenager then you can either call or go to their house and just tell them

Why do i want to be your friend so bad?

Maybe you want to be like this person. Or maybe you are jealous of them. I say talk to them, have a sleepover, or a video game date. You never know, maybe you will become friends!

If you want to ask someone to be your best friend and your scared if they say no or want to be someone else's or doesn't want to choose between friends what do you say?

Say "that's ok, can we still just be friends?"