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my husband is a machianist and accidently inhaled impregnated graphite, he automatically became dizzy and vomited. He's sleeping now, but are there any serious side effects i should be watching for, or should i take him to emergency room?

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โˆ™ 2010-06-29 14:54:32
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Q: What to do when you inhale toxic fumes?
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What happens if you inhale toxic chemical fumes?

You become superman

How do you use the word inhale in a sentence?

I smiled as I inhaled the beautiful rose scent. As you inhale, air enters your body. If you wear a mask, you won't inhale the toxic fumes. Smoke can kill those who inhale it.

What do you do if you mix ammonia and bleach?

You should never inhale the fumes. They are very toxic. Should get away from the site

Are factory fumes dangerous?

Absolutely, almost all fumes produced from a factory or manufacturing facility are from toxic chemicals even from cleaning supplies. Do not inhale and limit your exposure as much as possible.

Are fumes from plasma cutters toxic?

The fumes from the plasma cutter itself is not toxic. When cutting metals such as such as galvanized steel, lead, or cadmium-plated steel, the metal can put off toxic fumes.

Do car batteries emit toxic fumes?

Yes, a a battery will emit the fumes from the Sulfuric acid which is extremely toxic.

What is one of the negative consequences of burning waste?

It releases toxic fumes and also contributes to climate change.

Is air conditioning coolant toxic?

Very toxic. Do not inhale, it deplets the oxygen.

What is the first aid for in hailing fumes?

Inhale some oxygen. and lots of it.

Can you burn super glue?

NO, the fumes are toxic .

Does aluminium give off toxic fumes?


Does a dead mouse emit toxic fumes?

A dead mouse may emit toxic fumes if it was killed by a chemical or pesticide. These can be released through decomposition.

What is going to happen if i stayed in a running vehicle inside a closed garage for a couple hours?

you would inhale toxic or smuthering fumes ( something other that oxygen ) If you run out of Oxygen you will suffercate and thus die.

Does heated aluminum give off toxic fumes?

No, aluminum does not give off any toxic fumes that are harmful in anyway. It does not produce gases nor does it vaporize.

Do not inhale fumes directly. To describe the odor of any chemical carefully fan the fumes toward the nose?

Yes, it is correct

Is it safe to inhale sewage fumes?

Sewage is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. It is not safe at all to inhale the fumes of sewage as a result. Several types of pathogens could enter the sinus and lungs and multiply within the body.

What is wrong with lava rocks in a barbecue?

The lava rocks were once VERY hot and gave off toxic fumes. So when it is reheated it will give of toxic fumes again.

Why do not inhale chemical fumes directly?

because they may be hazardous to your health, for example you could inhale a chemical and it will start to eat away at your insides

Is carbon paper toxic?

carbon paper is only toxic if set on fire because of the toxic fumes. sent in by airhead.

Is PVC toxic?

If it's burning and you are breathing the fumes is probably the only time it's toxic

Are human urine fumes bad to inhale?

No, it is completey fine just do not get carried away.

Will you die if you inhale dry ice fumes?

A small amount no - a large amount probably.

Are the fumes from burning plastic harmful?

yes they are cuz the burning of plastic produces Cyanide fumes that are highly toxic

Is methane safe?

No. Methane is toxic to inhale and very flammable.

Are fumes from hot plate welding of polypropylene toxic?