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Have pillow fights, dance party, truth or dare, truth or truth (for chickens), talk about guys, paint your nails, and lots of others, makeovers, night swimming (and skinny dip to), watch a movie, eat sweets, strap sticky tac to the fan and watch it fall on highest cycle.Talk about private stuff. and make sure their your deepest darkest secrets! pull a prank on the first one to fall asleep.:D,invte boys over.Play spin the bottle.give each other stupid makeovers.

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well if you have any stuffed animals you can turn your room into a vets office or a waiting room and pretend to adopt and operate on them :)

Well Video Games are alwase fun. You could do truth or dare to know each other better. Mabey see who could stay up the latest.

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You can do many things such as:

Play games:

prize action - have play money and give some to ur friends action diffrent things that u dont want


sleepover question ball - get a big inflatable ball and write diffrent questions on it and throw the ball to a friend and your friend has to answer the question that

there right thumb lands on then they pass it to someone else and so on

or other things you could try are:

you can watch a scary movie with your friends with snacks to


have matching shirts or pants or shoes or acessories so its more fun!

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Q: What to do when you want to have fun at a sleep over?
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